Samsung pixon m8800 reviews

This ultra-slim design was presented by Samsung with touch screen and 8 mega pixel camera. The availability of this phone was announced in October 2008 , especially for those who love to capture and share life’s moments with other surprising and seductive. The appearance of this gadget is also noteworthy.

Features video


Digital camera with exceptional design that works like any normal What digital camera and offers a high quality of the image. Several display modes have also been introduced to improve the entire appearance of the screen as the colors of autumn, sunset, portrait, etc.. These modes help a lot to get most of the camera to change certain parameters. Motion Capture, quick action has actually been made possible by the introduction of parameters Sports. In this model from Samsung, you get 16 X digital zoom, which is a great help to get an accurate picture. If captured by the integrated video cameras, nothing Noise is in this video recording feature in the normal mobile phone. To add more fun, another device is also flanked in the back of the device that allows video calls. Not only the end, contains a large amount of video enhancement features such as video streaming and sharing Videos.

Smile detection is truly a wonderful and tempting option offered by the camera automatically captures the photo when the person is smiling, so the flicker detection option is made available in this device that eliminates flicker photos. Samsung Pixon da Nice catch, even very dark under the light through dedicated embedded options. Geo-tagging enables customers to tag the information required under the photo captured the name of the place where the photo was shot or the date and time of image capture. This is an Auto Pan function that automatically detects the beautiful landscape and out.

Of External Memory Card microSD card provides ample space for videos and images captured. You can increase your memory space up to 3 megabytes in card memory and can be purchased separately. There is also a headphone jack 3.5 mm. By connecting your headphones into it, you’ll like the superior sound quality. There is an option that allows users to divide the reading list of music tracks differently depending on the type of music like soft jazz and hip-hop.

Built Navigation Background GPS has also been incorporated in this model of your phone that lets you explore new destinations, and can also publish your pictures on the Web Maps. This combination has really taken to new users Navigational Arena and video recording.

Finally, Samsung Pixon phone is really dedicated photography has been established with several video enhancement features. Video enthusiasts will be happy to record videos and never find a beautiful design in any Instead something else.

The utility business phones is very popular today. These phones not only help people manage their office work but also act as enhancers in your state. HTC is a leading mobile phone that gave the concept of your business profit. The company tends to launch mobile professionals elegant and sensual, with mind blowing features. Recently, HTC has launched its telephone utility revolutionary new business that is mobile HTC Touch Dual. This phone is a slider phone with an attractive design and characteristics of fashion. Usually, people compare this phone with its main competitor, Sprint Treo 650. There is also a telephone utility company to look mean and standard features.


The Sprint Treo 650 dimensions are 113 x 59 x 23 with a weight of 178 grams. These dimensions make the phone bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The screen of this phone is crisp and bright giving a resolution 320 x 320 pixels. To make this phone user friendly, the company has equipped a 5-pad navigation buttons and other controls on the corner of the phone. But these efforts of the company can not do this position before the HTC Touch Dual phone.

With the HTC Touch Dual is concerned, this phone is very elegant and sexy with a size of 107 x 55 x 15.8 mm, this phone will give you comfort of mind The light weight is only 120 grams. These dimensions are much better than its competitor. This phone offers touchscreen TFT powerful features that gives a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. This screen is 2.6 inches wide and has features like the touch of fingers gliding FLO, the QWERTY keyboard navigation handwriting recognition. All these features allow you to read and write their e-mails and other important documents easily.

HTC Touch Dual To get a better phone than its rival Sprint Treo 650, the company has several other features of the phone. These characteristics are as 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi high speed internet, dual camera option, Bluetooth and an integrated music player to give the impression multimedia phone. HTC Touch and HTC Touch Dual are the popular Mobile Phones and these phones are available on Phone Contracts UK.

GPS phones


GPS cell phone is mulled to be a global navigator as it helps in easy navigation. Earlier cell phones emerged with GPS chips that helped in identifying victims calling 911 and could be attended immediately. Regrettably, this had limited use and hence the cell phone makers made use of GPS chips for more useful application. GPS cell phone has now gained high popularity in vehicles. Earlier, only top lined luxury cars came equipped with GPS navigation. But, now GPS cellular phone software is upgraded and is made to function identical to devices such as GPS navigation.

GPS phone

GPS cell phones of today are well-featured such that the desired destination can be keyed into. This technology is amazing and the practical use has increased the value of every GPS cellular phone. The device guides the user in a pleasing voice. These phones can be considered to be mini computers facilitating phone calls. The GPS tracking system is certainly a new assistance offered by the GPS cellular phones.

Any device having appropriate software and service package indicates the location and thereby provides information of all the adjacent areas, and also gives direction to reach your destination effortlessly. A city that you are unfamiliar may suddenly give a lost feeling. But, nowadays these latest technologies offer the exact direction and it is not difficult to know the exact place owing to the facility of global positioning system.

GPS cell phones can be conveniently used inside a vehicle. By subscribing for navigation service, you can get installed the software package enabling to receive driving directions through the receiver. GPS cell phone that is well-integrated is ideal to use outside the vehicle too. Such phones are available with other add-ons. These devices are of immense use to people traveling frequently. It is a wonderful gadget to track movement during navigation as their software has satellite coverage and the voice prompts guidance after every turn and features automatic routing. The user can also assign graphic symbols and names to each destination.

There are several brands and latest models of GPS cell phone coming with exclusive features. One thing worth remembering is that all the GPS cell phone modules do not get harmonized with all models of cell phone. For instance, the Nokia model 5140 can be improved to feature GPS and it offers typical mapping. There are other GPS module such as LAM-1 compatible with Nokia models 9210 and 9210i. This system gets converted into a navigator to acquire route direction. GO2Directory is a valuable application compatible with many other brands such as LG VX10, Motorola T720 and T730, Kyocera 3035e, Audiovox CMD9500 and 8600, and few more.

GPS cell phones offer information regarding nearby r estaurants, hotels, gas filling stations and about other businesses as well. Some services such as getGoing facilitates with atlas book places to understand the map and directions. The GPS cell phone coming with GSM and satellite enables getting directions, location determination, storage of GPS positions up to 25 places and also location transmission through SMS.

Some software covers the Middle East, Europe, India and central and north Africa. The GPS cell phones come with built-in functions and supports enhanced services as global navigator. These functions can also be displayed on a PDA or laptop, if connected. Recently, almost all mobile phones are GPS enabled and come with in-built receiver or they can be connected with wires or through Bluetooth.

Kyocera phones is one of the most popular and sophisticated instruments available today. They support almost all types of real monophonic ring tones, Polyphonic ringtones Flix, ringtones and sound effects and voice applications ringtones and games. Both models The Kyocera KX 414 and the SE44 T2T are fantastic in terms of these additional features. Kyocera free ringtones are not always available, but service providers offer variety. Note that only new phones downloadable ringtones from Kyocera.

Sprint PCS offers ringtones that can be downloaded from their  “Ringers & More” section, but requires users to pay service fees. Otherwise, you can buy a data cable and download ringtones from Kyocera offered in Kyocera’s website, transfer Kyocera your mobile phone. Kyocera Wireless phone comes with standard ringtones. You can also download additional ringtones website, from the website service provider or by the air through your service provider. However, end users must have Kyocera Desktop, which is sold separately.
The serial data cable is absolutely essential. If you do not have the desk and the Kyocera data cables, you can purchase these items in his store accessories in one convenient package and data in serial or USB data kit. Once you have all the listed items, you’re ready to download ringers. Samsung Phones normally support polyphonic monophonic ringtones, true tones, Flixton, sound FX tones and voice ringers, too. Otherwise there are many websites that offer different shades Kyocera for free. But you should be careful while you download ring tones, which can be viruses or spyware attached to it. These websites offer ringtones for all makes and models of phones.


Mobile phone PDA


The PDA, or Personal Digital Assistant, is the most technologically advanced type of mobile phone to date. It’s a combination of phone, computer, games console, MP3 player…basically, it can do anything your desktop PC can.

The PDA’s have a reputation for being a versatile pocket-sized gadget. They’re often called palm-top PC’s because of their amazing list of features, which can include a calendar, word processor, calculator, radio, video recorder, web browser and satellite navigation system, to name a few. A significant feature of a PDA is the touch screen which can be used to input data via the virtual keyboard, and some even have handwriting recognition equipped to make note-taking easier.


The PDA mobile phones have a whole range of accessories available from cosmetic items such as attractive cases, to stylus pens, and even full-size qwerty keyboards which can turn your PDA into a laptop and then fold away for portability.

Like most mobile phones, PDA’s can integrate with a PC, but to a much greater degree. With the aid of an integration software like HotSync Manager you can upload things like spreadsheets from your office computer so you can refer to them or update them on the move.

PDA’s are often confused with Smartphones, but there are several subtle differences. The PDA will usually have a bigger screen, a larger memory capacity, and usually Wi-Fi enabled too. The minimum recommended memory capacity of a PDA is 64MB, but they usually come with more, and you can also buy memory cards for further storage.

PDA’s certainly aren’t cheap mobile phones, but they can be invaluable for the business person who doesn’t want to carry a conspicuous lap-top around with them. The PDA will fit into a pocket or small handbag and can be carried around with no effort. The only problem you’ll have is trying to resist playing the games when you should be in a meeting!

Aside from everything that has already been said about the LG GD910, it most definitely has many more traits to offer you as the consumer. It is true that the LG GD910 is the multifaceted phone that will surely change your life forever. Here are the additional attributes of the said mobile phone.

Additional Characteristics

This handset will be able to serve you as an organizer and planner to be able to handle your day very well. You will surely need this device in order the arrange your daily activities into one organized schedule.

Aside from this, the LG GD910 can also give you superb entertainment, which you will surely appreciate. You will definitely want to use this phone very much because of the games and other accessories that come with the phone.

In addition, this handset can be used to send a lot of messages aside from calls and texts. You can also make video calls with this mobile phone.


You can also use the LG GD910 to connect to the web and browse through its files. This will help greatly with research as well as with leisure activities pertaining to the worldwide web. You will surely enjoy this if you are an internet addict

This handset also has a remarkable design that will allow you to see the beauty of the gadget. This design comes in an exquisite black color.

This caller will be a symbol of your elegance as a person and will give you the truth that you are one of the best people ever to own this kind of mobile device.

The beauty and functionality of this handset is truly incomparable. It is very good to see that a mobile device such as this is not only aesthetically beautiful but also very useful as well.

Motorola rokr E8 Review

Motorola rokr E8

The Motorola ROKR E8 mobile phone has your normal video view with the zoom in, zoom out features and the video/camera feature. For those who are video/camera enthusiasts; this is a wonderful plus if deciding to buy this mobile phone. First, let us investigate further into all the features of this ROKR E8 phone.

Motorola rokr E8

For many of you who are dedicated multitaskers, this mobile phone has flaws such as having to switch certain modes. If you are in need to pause music or must skip a few tracks, be prepared to having to switch completely out of your current mode as you will need to wait for the new controls to light up; meanwhile switching to the last task you were at in the first place. This is a flaw that can be a killjoy and a big negative for this mobile phone overall.

On a positive note; it has a sleek, slim physique at 10.6mm with a length of 115 mm; around the same measurements as it’s competitor; the iPhone, with a high gloss surface. Another notable downside is the two inch QVGA screen which isn’t a comfortable fit for the other features the ROKR E8 mobile phone has to offer; unlike other phones. This feature would have been nice for movies if only it were a bit larger. Unfortunately there is limited support at H.263 or MPEG 4.

A wonderful change is a microSD slot; 2GB of memory and a headphone jack at approximately 3.5 mm. Unfortunately there are no GPS, WiFI and 3G features to spoil us; but there is an FM radio and voice recorder!

Camera mode on this mobile phone offers no high hopes as there is a low pixel count and horrible image processing. You may as well through in the lack of auto focus and flash. If you are big on camera phones; perhaps this isn’t the one for you.

The scroll wheel is a feature that is hard to get along with. The three quarter wheel allows you to run your thumb fully around it when changing different menu and music options. Fortunately; the wheel is accompanied by glowing dots; allowing the user to be guided left, right, up and down.

The Motorola ROKR E8 comes equipped with Song ID powered by Shazam. Unfortunately the 2 inch isn’t easily read, and is way too small. This mobile phone is okay in some instances; but is held heavily on the negative side.

The Motorola ROKR E8 is pretty much rigged for the music lover in us all; with the ability to store 1,500 songs. This mobile phone is equipped with repeat keys; giving the user functions such as forward, play/pause, back and forward. One shall have the gift of the basic text messaged letters. For some, this feature may be suitable; unfortunately it may not work for all. The looks are great and works well for music; therefore lacking the necessities of a complete phone and camera.

Mobile phones have become a requirement rather than a luxury as it was before. The number of people using it has grown and meet the requirements of more mobile phone manufacturers with a base installation. Market leaders including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and more recently with the arrival of the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry models, competition has intensified. Despite this abundance of people still rely on Nokia and Samsung for its new device. Nokia is the number one seller worldwide, but Samsung is the biggest seller in the U.S. and consolidate its place.


Samsung phones have always been popular for her wonderful body structure, compact and beautiful design. Their phones are available in different sizes and shapes, such as clams, slider, sound, swivel, etc, but have the common feature of beautiful design and overall beauty bright. At the beginning of the phone is used for the primary requirement for staying in touch through calls and messages, but now there are requirements such as Internet browsing, reading documents, image and video capture and listen to music as spectacular. Also writes of text is faster and easier with the QWERTY keyboard instead of the usual standard keyboards. Cell phones and smartphones today can be compared to desktop computers yesterday with a nearly equal storage space is provided to store images, sounds, applications, system files, documents, games, etc. also smartphones allow users to determine precise location and to map the path to your desired destination using the service cards.

Samsung smartphones checklist: when and how to pay the lowest price in Kenya

Samsung phones have been around for sometimes now, and so far they have maintained quality as a standard. Since their entry into the Kenyan market, they have not been a disappointment to the public. They are the phones with the highest number of clientele. This is probably because Samsung has not compromised and always delivers that which it says that it will give to the people. We all know that the customer is the boss, and they put extra effort to give the client the right thing.

Towards the end of last year, various Samsung brands came on board. We have also seen some of the new brands come on board this year. As usual, the quality is the best thing to the user, and the user experience has maintained its integrity. No complains have come from the users side both this year and last year. Let us take some of the phones that have made an entry into the market and see what is good about them and what is not.

  • Samsung Galaxy E7

This is the first on our list today. Let us take a look at its 5.5-inch screen that makes it quite good to look at; it runs on a more recent Android version of 4.4.4 KitKat that will give you a smooth flow of apps that are on Google store. A 2GB RAM will give you the best speed for your smartphone to work with and with this you can have all the apps that you need on your phone and still be able to multi-task. The internal storage of this phone is what we have on most gadgets that have been released most recently with a 16GB capacity. This means that you can stop worrying anymore if you have a phone that keeps on notifying you that your storage is low. This phone gives you the freedom of having as much data stored on your phone as you want. The camera is a good one because it comes with a 13MP back and 5MP front camera that will give you the best phone experience around. The battery is very capable of handling all the tasks that this phone can undertake. With a 2950mAh capacity, you will take longer with your phone without the need of charging it. It is an ideal phone for users from all ages as it offers a user experience that can be enjoyed by people of various ages.

  • Samsung Galaxy J1

What makes this phone tick is due its 4G internet speed that it will be able to give you. We are in a time where speed is everything and a smartphone that offers this at the palm of your hands get the highest votes. This Samsung brand comes with a smaller screen size of 4.3 inches which I think does not give this phone the justice it deserves. It comes with a rear camera of 5 MP and a front camera of 2 MP which will make selfies more possible and better. It runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat which is not as bad as it is an advancement to the Jellybean version.  The internal storage of this phones only 4GB, which I also think is a major setback for this phone.  The RAM of 768MB is something that will also make you not smile a lot about this phone.  The battery capacity of 1850mAh will take you for some time without you charging your phone. The only good thing about this smartphone is the fact that it has a low budget than most Samsung phones. It is just that they did not pay attention to recent developments in terms of the battery, RAM, internal storage etc. otherwise it has a lot of setback that a technology maniac would have a problem compromising with.

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge came in style and won the contest. Its screen has a design that tends to curve the glass towards the edges. The screen employs the Corning Gorilla technology to enhance the screen protection of this phone. This is something that I consider amazing putting in mind the shape that this screen comes with. It runs on the most recent Android version of 5.0.2 lollipop which has great features than the previous versions. The rear camera has 16MP, and the front camera has 5MP. This is perfect for taking some of the best images that will give you quality in your gallery. The RAM gives you the speed that you need in your phone. This means that you can have as numerous apps on your phone and operate them at the same time.  The internal memory comes from 32/64/ or 128GB this is the best news that we have ever had in the smartphone technology. We do not need to carry all the external storage devises that will always wear us down. This phone is capable of storing all your documents in your phone. The battery is not as bad as it comes with a 2600mAh capacity that can take you a while without you having to charge your phone. This Samsung brand is for people who understand what class truly is and will get it at any cost.

  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a smartphone that comes with a sleek design. Its screen is 4.7 inch, but this should not worry you. It has a display like no other, and the colors of this phone are simply amazing. This is the phone that will give you a good time if you need to watch a movie on your phone. For gamers the graphics are also good, it gives users a great visual that makes this gadget what many people would want. The screen employs the Corning Gorilla technology boosting its screen features.  It operates on Android version 4.4.4 and has a 2GB RAM. These two factors combined gives you speed and the option of exploring as many apps as you may want without the phone slowing you down. It comes with a storage of 32 GB which is perfect for storing most of your documents without having to worry about the size.  The downside is that it does not support an external storage and after you exceed the phone capacity you cannot add more you only have the option of deleting some documents. I’d say the only thing about this phone that may not give it an easy time in the market is that, at its price you can get other Samsung brands that have better specs. But this does not discredit the style that this phone has.


With Samsung smartphones Kenya, we are left to remain on waves that never cease. This mean that at times we get something that is on a higher side and at times we get something that is on the extreme lower side. The best thing is that we may never be able to predict what may come and what may not come. The only thing for sure is that even though the specs may differ, you will never go wrong with the quality of the phone. Whichever Samsung phone that you chose, you can be assured that your expectations will always be fulfilled. This is maybe the reason as to why this brand has lasted longer in the market even with the high prices that these phones come with.

LG Lucid 4G


Talk about affordable smartphones and LG Lucid 4G comes to mind immediately. Not only is it just $79.99 on a 2-year contract, it also comes with similar hardware that was seen on its counterpart the LG Spectrum which sold for $200 on-contract. LG Lucid 4G surely sounds like a bargain.



LG has taken a refreshing concept with the design of this phone as it finally moves away from making a phone that’s similar to those from the Optimus line. One look at it and it still seems like it’s got the same design features as its Optimus counterparts but on closer inspection the sides of the LG Lucid 4G show that it’s truly something different. Although it’s made up of glossy plastic which tends to get smudged easily, but there’s nothing the shiny red pattern on the back can’t help you forget. Picking it up revealed that even though the LG Lucid 4G was constructed out of plastic, it feels really solid in the hands. The angular cutout the phone has received for its sides gives it very contemporary looks as well.

The dimensions of this phone are 4.69 x 2.45 x 0.45 inches and these numbers does make it feel rather big. However, even with the 4 inch screen on the front, thanks to its thickness, the smartphone still feels very compact. Tipping the scales at only 142g also means that this phone is not going to be a burden to carry around. Android’s trademark capacitive buttons are to be found underneath the screen and they are placed too close to the screen and one another attracting accidental presses. On the front as well, there is a VGA camera for video calls. On the top right corner sits the circular power button while on the tops is the standard audio jack. The volume rocker on the other hand sits on the left side of the phone. Another circular button is on the left side of the phone exactly where the power button was on the right side, but it’s just there for aesthetic purposes. A 5MP camera with LED flash sits on the back side of this phone.



As mentioned earlier, the LG Lucid 4G sports many similarities in terms of hardware with the LG Spectrum, but the line has to be drawn somewhere as this phone is much more affordable. The screen is where this line is drawn for one as this phone has a 4 inch WVGA IPS LCD screen rather than a 720p screen like on the LG Spectrum. With a pixel density of 223 ppi, the screen has plenty of details and it also produces natural colors with pretty good viewing angles as well.


LG Lucid 4G impresses us with what is has in store under the hood. The 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 CPU definitely does the job for this phone. Add the 1GB of RAM LG has thrown in to this phone and the performance is just the way it should be. It will breeze through the basic tasks with relative ease although some lag will be evident when live wallpaper is used. However, this lag will not hamper the overall performance as it’s barely noticeable.



Although LG does promise an update for LG Lucid 4G’s OS sometime in the future, for now we have to settle for the Android v2.3.6 Gingerbread. Atop the OS is LG’s latest version of the Optimus user interface. However there is no reason to fret as the customization Android is known for is still there. To make things better, there are some new things that give the smartphone a fresh feel. The glass jar animation while charging the phone for instance or the cool feature that allows you to move from one photo to the other just by tapping the sides of the phone with your palm.

A four inch screen means there is plenty of real estate for the on-screen keyboards. The keyboards have keys that are well spaced but maybe a tad bit smaller than usual, so it might take some getting used to. LG Lucid 4G’s Swype keyboard seems to do a better job than LG’s keyboard, so that’s something to try out. As we have seen with every other Android phone, the email experience is once again great. Since it’s a Verizon phone, there are some apps that come out of the box with the LG Lucid 4G like My Verizon Mobile, V Cast Apps, V Cast Tones and VZ Navigator to name a few.

LG Lucid 4G has a 5MP shooter that comes with LED flash as well as auto-focus on its rear and it does a pretty solid job given the price it’s being offered for. The camera takes better than average photos for various shooting conditions like outdoors as well as indoors. Over time, some of the shots did seem to be underexposed but considering the fact that everything else like colors and contrast were great, that’s something that can be looked over. LG Lucid 4G offers video recording at 1080p but the results were not as good as expected as artifacting was found in almost every recording.

Thanks to the 4G LTE connectivity onboard, LG Lucid 4G does great in the internet browsing department. Pages load in a matter of seconds and it can also handle Adobe Flash content without any issues. Although navigating through a page with a lot of Flash content does seem to show some signs of lag. It’s not a GSM phone so Verizon’s pretty much the only option. In terms of connectivity options, as mentioned earlier it’s got 4G LTE connectivity and it has got the usual stuff like aGPS, Bluetooth 3.0 as well as Wi-Fi together with mobile hotspot functionality.

When it came to call quality on the LG Lucid 4G, it was bitterly disappointing as we could barely make out what our friends were saying as their voice was muffled. Nevertheless, things on the other end weren’t so bad. There is a 1700mAh battery under the hood to give this phone all the juice it needs. It’s pretty much what the phone needs as it made through a full day even with its 4G LTE connectivity in use.

Pros and Cons


LG Lucid 4G is sold at a very attractive price and it’s also very good looking. Even for the price, the specs are still top notch.

Call quality was a turn off and the video recording on the LG Lucid 4G could have been so much better.


LG Lucid 4G is truly a pleasant surprise as it has got the specs of a more expensive phone but it’s going for only $79.99 on-contract. If you are out there for an affordable and good looking phone with decent specs, look no further than the LG Lucid 4G.