3 Different Ways To Play Rummy

Playing cards never go out of trend, especially in India. Rummy has an exceptional place in the card-gaming industry and is also very popular due to the variations it offers. This is because it caters to the wants of all kinds of people, using the application for fun. There are many ways to playRummy. Some of the different forms of Rummy are 13 Card Rummy, Marriage Rummy, Dummy Rummy, and so on.

Each variation has its own rules and differs from the rest, in variousrespects. From these variations, we have picked the top 3 ways to Play Rummy, to discuss in detail.This is so you can easily choose your personal favourite. Below listed are the three variations of Rummy –

13 Card Rummy

Alsocalled Indian Rummy, it is known to be an extension of Rummy 500&Gin Rummy. It comprises of 2 to 6 players, and each player is dealt 13 cards. The game allows the use of Jokers. Players have to mixand then set the cards into proper sequences. In this game, face cards and aces carry 10 points each; number cards carry the points equal to their face value, and joker cards carry 0 points each.

This type consists of 3 subcategories, namely:

  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

Each of these has separate rules for winning but are similar to each other on some basics.

Marriage Rummy/ ‘Paplu’ Rummy

It is a game of 2 to 5 players and is played with three decks. It is very popular and is preferred amongst Rummy enthusiasts in Nepal, Bhutan and India. This game uses only wild card jokers and no printed jokers. Each player gets 21 cards. All the combinations must consist of only three cards.

Paplu means ‘The Immediate successor’, that is the card ofa higher rank than the previous card. Once a player picks up a card from the open pile, he/she cannot discard the same card. A player who has laid down three tunnels or three pure runs can win the game, after forming and laying down four more combinations.

21 Card Rummy/ Indian Marriage

21 card Rummy is one of the most well-known variants of Rummy played in India. It is usually played extensively on the occasion of Dusshera and Diwali. The game is longer than any other classicRummy gameand is very interesting. It uses three decks of cards along with printed jokers. Each player is dealt with 21 cards& this form requires much more concentration and skills when compared to 13 Card Rummy.


The different variants in a Rummy game offer a wide range for people to choose their game.There is a possibility of more types to be introduced, as players from different parts of the world keep on adding new changes. The rules of all variants are more or less similar but each one has its own beauty.It is advisable to enjoy the experience of each variant and then choose the one that interests you the most to Play Rummy.

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