6 Cases Criminal Defense Attorney Handles

Are you facing criminal charges which are taking a toll on your emotional and mental health? Criminal defense attorneys are legal experts who defend your rights and fight for justice. As professionals, a Barnstable criminal defense attorney handles different types of cases through effective defensive strategy. This article will list different types of cases a criminal defense attorney handles. Let’s dive in! 

Types of Cases Criminal Defense Attorney Handle

Here are the different types of cases that a criminal defense attorney handles: 

1. Assault and Battery Cases

Assault is referred to when someone fears you for causing harm, whereas battery cases are ones where the harm has already occurred in the form of physical, mental or emotional injuries. There are different types of assault and battery cases like aggravated assault, verbal assault, simple battery and assault and more. 

2. Domestic Violence Cases

Every year, around 10 million people go through domestic violence, where their partner emotionally, physically or financially abuses them. It may also include rape, assault, battery, kidnapping, incest and many more charges. If proven, the person may be jailed and charged with a heavy penalty. 

3. Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are common worldwide, which can result in significant jail time and heavy penalties. Generally, drug cases fall into categories like Drug trafficking, manufacturing drugs illegally, Simple possession of drugs and others. 

4. Sex Offenses

One of the most common crimes in the world is a sex offense, where someone forcefully gets physically without the other party’s consent. For most states, the punishment for sex offenses is different, determined by the severity of the crime. Significant charges include sexual assault and battery, indecent exposure, rape, molestation and incest.

5. Juvenile Crimes

Generally, juvenile crimes are handled differently; thus, they have a separate procedure, punishment type and court. Children who are charged with these crimes can hire lawyers who can provide guidance. Some common crimes include sex offenses, drugs and murders. 

6. Homicide Cases

If you are charged with a homicide case, it is complex; thus, you need to hire an experienced lawyer who understands its complexities and finds a solution. Some common types of homicide cases are Premeditated murder, Capital murder, Felony murder, Voluntary manslaughter and Involuntary manslaughter. 

Wrapping Up 

If you have gotten charged for a criminal case you have not committed, it is the worst nightmare. Hiring a criminal defense attorney is a great decision as they can handle your case and ensure your rights are protected. 

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