Find out which one among Howzat 11 and GetMega has a 24-hour leaderboard

Fantasy sports have acquired massive momentum in the gaming world in India. With its emerging trend in the Indian market, fantasy sports have garnered immense prominence today as a source of earning money from home. As it witnesses tremendous growth in the Indian gaming hub, both in the amount of revenue that gets generated and the number of players! This world of fantasy gaming app gets estimated to develop massively by 2024. In the past few years, fantasy games have emerged at lightning speed. Now that the world of fantasy games has risen immensely, now’s the time to consider learning more about fantasy gaming. And that brings the post to understand the benefits of fantasy sports. On this note, let’s learn about the two best gaming platforms such as GetMega and Howzat 11. Here’s outlining the aspects of the leaderboard feature on Howzat 11 and GetMega.

An Introduction to Leaderboard

On professional fronts, the phrase “leaderboard” is used to indicate how players are ranked. The word “leaderboard” simply refers to the scores of gamers who participate in several games. Players get rated against every other on the basis of the improved skills, performance, things obtained, and the factors. A leaderboard offers gamers a chance to develop and improve the gaming experience considering the score. They may provide you with a greater sense of superiority and success. As a result, if you want to have a fantastic time with the Howzat 11 and GetMega apps, you must first determine whether or not they are safe to use it. 

Both GetMega and Howzat 11 come with 24×7 leaderboard support, the first one is for Casual and card games, including Rummy, Poker, GoPool, and Carom and the second for sports fantasy. The leaderboards are task & winning, and you will be able to top the leaderboard only by winning and playing. As a matter of fact, the leaderboards happen to be hourly (also called the flash leaderboards), weekly, daily, as well as monthly. Players up to the tenth position will be able to win leaderboards prizes. The entry to the leaderboards happens to be both paid and free on the basis of the leaderboard that you choose. Players will be able to win to up to 100,000 each week from leaderboards alongside attractive gadgets like Mobile Phones, Gold coins, and more!

How to play games on Howzat 11?

Given below are the multiple features of Howzat 11 that make the app the most amazing fantasy gaming app. Just like GetMega, this app also turns out to be authentic for fantasy players:

Beat Legends

On Howzat 11, players will be able to grab a wonderful opportunity of challenging and playing with cricket legends such Suresh Raina, Irfan Pathan, and Yuvraj Singh. When you beat them, you win big real money prizes!

Welcome Bonus & Exclusive Offers

You will be able to get the welcome bonus of up to Rs. 3000 on the first deposit! But that is not enough. You need to enjoy it all. You will be able to enjoy a wide range of exclusive offers, such as welcome bonuses, referral bonuses, and much more at Howzat 11! You can also keep coming back to the platform to win real cash.

Withdraw the winnings instantly

Upon the completion of the match, the winnings get credited to the Howzat 11 wallet in the quickest way possible. You will be able to withdraw the total amount anytime or even instantly. Alternatively, you will also be able to join the new contest by using the amount and winning more.

Easy to use and intuitive interface

Howzat 11 comes with an easy and simple interface that navigates the game lobby. As a matter of fact, it helps in allowing for choosing and even joining the match easily. As a matter of fact, the user-friendly interface of the app offers you the simplest and most straightforward fantasy gaming experience!

Besides leaderboard, the app, nothing unlike GetMega, also gives you an allowance to get an awesome experience of fantasy gaming!

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