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Online poker pattern spotting is another strategy that can positively influence your chances of winning. This strategy involves spotting patterns. If you see a pattern, you immediately make the translation to your bet. Finally, there is the Flat bet strategy. With this strategy you stay in the game by adding money. Whether you lose or win, you keep betting. The advantage of this strategy is that if you lose, you run less risk. You will not bet anymore if you lose. That is true with the other strategies.

Online poker

Online poker is one of the best known baccarat varieties. Here you can bet on ‘punto,’ banco ‘or’ Égalité ‘. De Croupier is currently dealing 4 cards. 2 are divided on the ‘punto’ plane and 2 on the ‘banco’ plane. Furthermore, the game follows the usual rules, only with open cards. This is permitted because the following decisions are fixed;

  • The Punto takes a third card with 5 or less and fits 6 or 7;
  • If the Punto does not take a third card, the Banco acts as the Punto;
  • Rules for the Banco if the Punto takes a third card;
  • The Banco always takes a third card if he has 0, 1 or 2;
  • On 3 buys the bank, unless he has given an 8 as the third card to the punto;
  • On 4, the Banco only buys a third card if he has given the punto a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 as the third card;
  • On 5, the Banco only buys a third card if he has given the punto a 4, 5, 6 or 7 as the third card;
  • On 6, the Banco only buys a third card if he has given the punto a 6 or 7 as the third card;
  • The Banco fits on 7.

Payout at Online poker

If Punto wins, 1 against 1 is paid out. When banco wins, the banco bets win the amount of their bet minus 5%. So when a player bets 20 euros on banco, the payout is 19 euros. If both hands are the same, all bets remain and d bets on Égalité are paid 8 to 1. Croupiers must pay attention at Online poker. They must have a good command of the draw rules and must handle the bets correctly with the load. If you as a player follow the optimal strategy, the disadvantage of the players versus punto is 1.36%. The disadvantage of the players is the banker’s advantage. For the bank holder / bank, this is compensated by the tax to a disadvantage of 1.17%. Banco is therefore the best bet. For the situs poker online this is important now.


In addition to the popular Online poker game variant, as a player you also have another opportunity to play baccarat that we would like to discuss with you and that is the chemin de fer game variant. Chemin de fer means railroad. This is because after every game lost by the bank, the bank holder moves to the player to the left of the bank holder.  Chemin de fer can be characterized by playing with various stick cards. In most cases it concerns 6 sticks. The cards are drawn from what is also called the ‘sabot’ or ‘shoe’ in this game. Cards that have already been used are pushed aside. The same shoe is always used until there are fewer than 7 cards left.


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