Importance of ducts in your Air Conditioning system

Summer remains the hottest season, and everyone prefers using the AC units to escape from the hottest weather. It is necessary to check the cooling system of your house to regulate the flow of cool air. A regular check-up of the AC units is recommended to improve the efficacy of the components. You can contact us to avail of the best AC service and replacement or installation services at a fair price.

Cooling mechanism:

The cooling mechanism uses energy to eliminate the heat in the covered area. Professional guidance is essential for cooling your home before installing or servicing your AC unit. Different types of cooling systems are available, and understanding the cooling system is essential to avail the appropriate service. The types include

  • Central air conditioners and heat pumps
  • Room air conditioners
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Ductless mini-split air conditioners

A slight modification happens to be seen in the working mechanism of each type of unit, and hence, a professional approach is advisable to service the units. Berkeys offer exclusive service for all types of AC units, and they remain ahead in quality service. You can contact them to know the cost of the service, and they are ready to serve you with all the essential support.

Clean your AC unit ducts regularly:

Ducts are the essential components in the HVAC system, and it works as ventilation for the cooling system. The air duct service is essential to remove the dust and contaminants as they might cause damage to the unit. Hence, cleaning the duct is essential as that of the entire unit.

Most service providers show negligence in duct cleaning, but in Berkeys, you can expect quality duct service from the technically skilled team. The service also helps increase the efficiency of the coils, which in turn increases the unit’s lifetime.

Cleaning the duct also saves energy apart from saving money. The unit’s service includes the complete unit service, and you can trust us for the assured quality service.

Duct cleaning is essential for restoring airflow through the ventilating ducts of your cooling system. If the ducts are not cleaned on time, there are chances of allergic symptoms because of the accumulated dust.

Hence, professional duct cleaning improves the cooling system’s airflow, and a continuous service via a professional team is advisable to improve the working mechanism of the HVAC system.


Follow the expert advice and guidelines to improve the functionality of your residential cooling system by saving considerable money and energy. You can approach us for all your AC requirements, and we are always at your doorstep to avail of the best service.

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