Marathon run and Nandrolone Decanoate: how to combine?

Marathon running is a way to lose weight, develop endurance and significantly improve

Marathon running is the work of various body systems. Unlike bodybuilding, fitness, martial arts or running short and medium distances, the result in a marathon is almost independent of muscle training.

Preparation for a marathon is the achievement of the following goals:

Improving the work of all internal organs. Preparation of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems for long-term work. This item comes to the fore in marathon. Proper preparation of all body systems is not only a result in a marathon, but also a security issue.

Wellness ahead of the marathon. The body must be ready for this day.

The development of slow muscle fibers with Nandrolone Decanoate in USA. The muscular system is 2 types of fibers: fast and slow. Fast muscle fibers are the muscles that we develop in the gym if we want to build muscle. Slow muscle fibers are responsible for endurance, and therefore little attention is paid to their development. In long-distance running, it is important to prepare the muscles for long-term work.

  • Physical and psychological preparation for the marathon. A large amount of running and other aerobic exercise.
  • Preparation for a marathon is a system without which the end result will not please you.

Running for everyone

Running a marathon is a goal that can inspire many of us to develop ourselves. We will start preparations from scratch so that the dream can be realized from any starting point.

To start training, it is important:

Know and abide by the principles of progression of loads and gradualness. Read more about these principles here.

  • Change your lifestyle. Without a general improvement in the body, jogging will be difficult, and the joy of running will decrease. Check out the sections on healthy lifestyle and healthy eating on our website.
  • Start running. Preparation for a marathon is regular jogging, which allows a beginner not to drop his skates when going a serious distance. The basis of preparation is running. First, we learn to run for a certain period of time, and only then we begin to purposefully prepare for the marathon. Amateurs can refuse targeted training if their goal is not a result, but participation.
  • Find out the state of health. People with serious diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems can run (depending on the severity of the diagnosis), but the marathon is contraindicated for them.
  • They brought in tone and developed the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Due to the large volume of low-intensity training load, the body overcomes 5-10 minutes of running, which at first seemed difficult without noticing them. The subjective perception of the severity of training has not changed. Running 30 minutes at 75 minutes is just as uncomfortable as running the first 5 minutes.
  • Healed the body. Long running loads, in conjunction with healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, have removed harmful substances from the body, which gave your body and psyche a feeling of lightness. A goodfood guide might prove a useful resource to you at this stage.
  • Prepared slow muscle fibers for work. They brought muscle into tone, learned how to run correctly, to distribute forces over a distance.

The first stage of preparation has been completed. During this time, each of you has been transformed. Losing excess weight, improving well-being, increasing energy, positive changes in appearance – this is only part of the positive that was obtained from the first training.

With this readiness you can run a marathon. If you are interested in the question “How to prepare for a marathon quickly?”, And most importantly – not a victory, but participation and successful overcoming the finish line, then the program is before you. After overcoming the usual 75 minutes, it will be difficult, but thanks to regular training, the body, albeit with less effectiveness, will be ready to run 42 km.

The second stage of preparation for the marathon

Add load to slow muscle fibers. We continue to progress in running. In this phase, it is important not to overdo it with strength training. It is important not to drive yourself into overtraining, to identify the following symptoms on time:

From the thought of training, there is a desire to climb under the bed and not get out of there until the completion of the marathon for which you are preparing. A sign of overwork of the nervous system.

Constant muscle pain, a feeling of heaviness in the body. The main sign of physical overwork.

Apathy, depression, unwillingness to do any work. Including one that is not related to training. Sign of severe overtraining. These symptoms will overtake beginners who forget about the need to increase the load gradually. If you start not with 5, but with 45 minutes of running, then with a probability of 95% quit training after 2-3 weeks. The level of cortisol (the main stress hormone) from such work rises to a critical level. The body includes protective reserves that are impossible to resist. Even if you succeed, it will lead to poor health. Increase the training volume gradually, if you want to achieve a result and increase, rather than lose health.

After completing the first stage, we begin targeted preparation for the marathon:

  • Suppose that the marathon is scheduled for the end of the 20th week. We cannot progress further – there is no time left. It is necessary to carry out underwater work for the marathon.
  • Preparation for the marathon. Last stage
  • A month is left before the marathon. Change the amount of training load:
  • Preparation for the marathon. Cycle number 17. Easy cycle, during which the body can gain strength for further work.

Recommendations for preparing for the marathon

A month before the marathon, exclude fried and smoked foods from the diet, as well as reduce the number of foods with a high glycemic index. Add fish and lean meat to your diet. The nutrients of steak cannot be over-emphasized in the development of build in the body, because steak is protein. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables. Drink more mineral water.

Check out the Motivation and Hormones sections. You will understand how to tune your body to the result, in terms of psychological preparation. Your muscles may be ready, but if psychic energy has run out, it will be difficult to show the result.

Do not think about the result. Focus on each individual workout. Your result in the marathon is the result of preparing for it.

Decide on a goal. Focused preparation for the marathon turns you into an athlete who is forced to spend part of his life working on himself. The result is obtained not only in the form of a good performance in a marathon, but also in terms of an attractive body, developed physical qualities and health. Decide whether all this, including the result in the marathon, is worth your efforts. To improve health and maintain muscle tone, the first programs with a smooth increase in running duration are enough.

Enjoy the process. Getting pleasure from the training process improves the result in the marathon for several minutes. There are hormones of pleasure and motivation that change your mental and physical condition. It is important to take training as a holiday, not torment for the sake of the result in a marathon.

Marathon Tactics

The long-awaited day has come. You have done everything possible in terms of preparation and the only thing that can improve the result now is choosing the right tactics, understanding some of the details in a marathon:

The best option for an excellent performance at a marathon is to maintain a uniform theme throughout the race. Example: your average speed overcoming a distance is a kilometer in 5 minutes. Determine the average speed in the preparation of the marathon and try to maintain it throughout the distance. If you run a kilometer in 5 minutes, it means that you should keep the speed at 4: 50-5: 10 minutes per 1000 meters. We hold this speed for 75% of the distance. We feel the strength to accelerate – we begin to smoothly accelerate the pace. For a few seconds per kilometer. There are many forces left – we are building up the pace a little faster. This tactic is the most effective in overcoming the marathon. Throughout the first kilometers we are always full of energy, and tend to overestimate our capabilities. We start quickly, and after the first half of the distance we slow down. By the end of the marathon, the speed drops so much that I want to get off. We get this situation: the first half of the distance runs a minute or two faster, and in the second half, 5-15 minutes are lost. In critical situations, you can lose half an hour. The main tactics for a marathon – no quick starts.

Beginners may not know their capabilities. Subjectively, we always overestimate our strength at the beginning of the distance, as a result of which for beginners it makes sense to start slowly. With a high probability, a slow start will turn out to be a uniform pace for men and women who are running the marathon for the first time, while a “uniform start” will be too quick a start for beginners.

Use fluids that support all body systems. It’s about isotonics and carbohydrate drinks that you need to consume every 15-20 minutes of running. Isotonic solution helps to restore the water-salt balance, while carbohydrate drinks provide energy to the body. As part of an amateur marathon, you can alternate the consumption of isotonic with juice or sweetened water. Athletes use special drinks that simultaneously restore the water-salt balance and replenish the system with carbohydrates.

Use the right clothes. One of the runner’s main problems is rubbing clothes on sensitive areas of the body. The inner surface of the thigh, the inguinal region, the rubbed nipples and heels – this is not at all what will improve your result in the marathon. If during training one of the above areas is injured, cover this area with a band-aid, grease with a special cream or change clothes to one that does not rub. During the marathon you will not have the opportunity to do this.

Before a marathon, get enough sleep, do not strain mentally and physically. Excessive relaxation also disturbs many athletes. But here it all depends on the characteristics of the body: relaxation will benefit someone, while another athlete will lose his mental tone and fill up the marathon. Practice relaxation in training and compare your feelings with the days when there is no complete relaxation on the day before physical work.

Do not worry about the results of the marathon and your well-being throughout the race. The day before the marathon, it is advisable to introduce yourself into a state of maximum emotionlessness. The fewer emotions, the more psychic energy you will have on the day of the race.

Just before the marathon, run at a very easy pace. Jogging can start 45 minutes before the start of the marathon. Finish – 25-30 minutes before the start. Then – warm-up and stretching. You have 15-20 minutes to collect your thoughts and prepare for the start. This is the best tactic that will allow you to warm up your muscles and increase self-confidence.

After these workouts, your physical condition will return to normal. Now the decision on further training is up to you. You can:

Continue to train according to familiar patterns. Gradually add load, get ready for the next marathon. The next time the result will be significantly better than this one: you already have the experience of the marathon, as well as the time for more thorough preparation.

Continue training in gentle mode. After the first marathon, almost no one refuses to train. Athletes are already aware of the benefits of training and do not even consider abandoning them. But some people need rest, and therefore the training intensity decreases.

Stop training. This is not a good idea. You just don’t want to quit. The exception is injuries or serious life circumstances that prevent the marathon from continuing. To maintain shape, leave at least regular running for 30-40 minutes. You will soon realize the value of this advice.

Change the type of training. Marathon runners are people of lean physique. Throughout the training process, we worked on muscle endurance, which did not allow us to gain muscle volume. You can make training more powerful in order to improve your appearance, gain 10-20 kilograms of muscle mass.

As a recovery after a marathon, use:

Long, quality sleep. Marathon is stress for all body systems. Before and after the marathon, you need to get a good night’s sleep in order to facilitate the recovery of the body and improve the emotional state.

Abundant nutrition. It’s important to include slow carbohydrates and healthy fats in your diet. Optimal – fatty fish, in which there are a lot of omega-3s. Additionally – vitamin and mineral complex.

Contrasting procedures. Dousing or contrast shower. These procedures will speed recovery after the marathon.

Outfit for marathon

In preparation for the marathon, you can use:

Training mask. The most effective equipment for preparing the respiratory system. The training mask creates a light barrier that you overcome in training. At competitions the mask is removed, which significantly improves your result. To remove a training mask is how to remove heavy boots after a long winter and immediately change shoes in slippers. All of the above programs can be performed with a training mask.

Weighting. The mask creates resistance for the lungs. Weighting – for the muscles. The effect is similar.

Heart rate monitor. To measure pulse fluctuations at different stages of progress, as well as to select the optimal pace for running in training and in a marathon.

Jump rope. Develops functional, trains leg muscles, burns fat. The jump rope develops endurance no worse than running, but the specifics of the marathon do not allow it to be used as an alternative to running training. Skipping rope is an addition to the marathon training, which will help to lose a couple of minutes from the final result.

Rubber loops or expanders. Inventory for a marathon, with which you can work out slow muscle fibers. In the training program, you can add more exercises with loops and an expander. We did not do this just because of a lack of time.

What gives a marathon run?

“Why do I, an ordinary person, need this training and this marathon? What will the marathon give me? ” – a logical question that arises for everyone who understands what kind of work he will have to do. The reward for this work is great:

Significant improvement in appearance. You will turn from a sloop into an athlete who is able to withstand any everyday stress. The percentage of fat will decrease significantly, the muscles will tone, you will gain a few kilograms of muscle.

The body will be cleansed. Due to this effect, physical and mental lightness will appear. The amount of energy will increase significantly. Cleansing the body will affect the appearance: skin rashes will disappear (or decrease), the skin will become more attractive and young.

Willpower will increase tens of times. The point is not so much in the marathon as in the process of preparing for it. These are regular trainings, discipline, strong-willed decisions to continue when it seems that there is no more strength. The marathon itself is built on the same principle as the affairs of most of us: at first we feel inspired, then tired, after which we want to quit everything, to leave the race. And only if we overcome this desire, victory will be won – finish in the marathon. Training and the marathon itself significantly increase your life efficiency.

The worldview is changing. The destructive sting to itself disappears, laziness, which has already taken away your years of happy life from you. The only thought after overcoming all the training and the marathon is: “How much I can and how little I have done until this moment. Why didn’t I start living earlier? ” Men and women who want to change something in their lives, start from scratch, should definitely try this. A marathon run is self-development, an opportunity to get to a place in a month where you will never get while maintaining your current lifestyle.

If you don’t believe in your strengths, if you’re used to complaining about bad life circumstances, if you saw these programs and thought “It’s too hard for me … I’ll go watch TV”, then these schemes, this marathon are just for you. A marathon run is a chance to change your life, reach a new level of understanding of the world, and reach new heights in everything.

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