Packing Checklist for Your Next Ride

Finding your next cycling adventure is always exciting. There are seemingly endless selections of trails and streets to explore. Being sure you packed what you need for your next ride will let you focus on the thrill of the ride itself. Continue reading for checklist ideas to help you pack for your next ride.

  • Tools and Supplies for your Bike

After finding your next cycling adventure, you do not want a minor mishap to derail your trip. Therefore, it is important that you pack tools and extra equipment for your bike. A quality multi-tool will let you make any adjustments necessary to your bike. Multi-tools range from handing your basic needs to more complex. At the minimum pack a multi-tool that has screwdriver and Allen key attachments.

Include on your packing list tubes for your tires, just in case of a flat; a portable bike pump to inflate your tires should also be added to the supply list.

  • Safety Accessories for your Bike

Packing a lock for your bike will provide flexibility for you. If you decide to stop for a drink or food, you want to be able to secure your bike. It is also a good idea to have your bikes locked while you transport them to your next cycling adventure.

  • Safety Checklist for You

Wherever you bike, others need to be able to see you. On your packing list, be sure that you have bike lights – a headlight and rear light are important. Helmets should always be worn when biking, so make certain that they are packed as well.

On your list for your safety, include water, snacks, your cellphone – for pictures and emergencies, and some basic first aid supplies. If you are driving to your biking location, leaving extra water and food in your car will ensure you stay safely hydrated and nourished.

Your next cycling adventure will be exciting to experience. As part of your packing checklist, make sure you keep someone apprised of your plans.

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