Potatoes Are Packed With Great Nutrition

Some people who are gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian, or lactose intolerant always feel like they’re missing out on nutrients. However, whatever your restrictions, potatoes is one all-inclusive food that anyone can consume. They are easy to grow and have several nutrition that anyone who consumes them enjoys. Below are five potato nutrition facts that you have been benefiting from in ways you’ve probably not away aware of.

Rich in Antioxidants

Potatoes contain beta-carotene, phenolic acids, and flavonoids, which act as antioxidants in the body. They get rid of harmful molecules that could cause chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes in the body. The beta-carotene found amongst potato nutrition facts is converted in the body to vitamin A which is good for strengthening the immune body and protecting bones and skin.

High-Fiber Food

Anyone who knows what fiber contains should be grateful that you can find this amongst potato nutrition facts. A mid-sized potato can provide you with ¼ of your recommended daily intake. It aids digestion and prevents inflammation in the body. It also contains insoluble fiber, which helps you stay full for a long time and keep your blood sugar leveled.


Many people are not aware of this mineral, but you can find it among potato nutrition facts. It is very beneficial to the body and facilitates bone growth. Manganese can also help increase metabolism in the body. Another benefit is that it helps produce sex hormones, so you can just consume potato the next time you want to get in the mood.

Contains Potassium

People usually think of bananas when potassium is mentioned, but potatoes contain even more potassium than is found in a banana. Potassium helps to promote proper muscle function and facilitates brain function. Potassium is also beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. So the next time you want to stress eat, you should boil some potatoes.


Sweet potato is also very full of magnesium; many people are unaware of magnesium’s health benefits in the body. The list of benefits that magnesium offers the body and one of them is an increase in fertility. It also helps cure migraines and can produce collagen in the body. Many people pay lots of money for collagen in spas, which you can find in sweet potato. Another benefit of magnesium to the body is that it helps the body absorb other minerals and vitamins that can be found in the potato. Therefore, you benefit from magnesium, but it helps you benefit from other nutrients potato provides.

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