Salient Tips for Street Photography

One of the best things about street photography is that it is not complicated, and the cost is minimal. We can think that it is not easy to get our style due to many photographs of this type that we can get to see, but we only have to insist until we find what we want to transmit with each of our images.

When we started in this style of photography, we can find some difficulties, and for this reason, it is advisable to take into account a series of tips.

Avoid wanting to fit too much into a single image

Movement on the street can be swift, with many things happening simultaneously, and wanting everything to fit into one image can be visual chaos. Therefore, we will avoid taking many photographs that are very similar to each other, trying to obtain those originals that we are looking for.

We must try to find a specific objective and leave aside what has nothing to do with it, interpreting what we intend to convey much more comfortable and exciting.

Do not stray further from the account

When we position ourselves at a considerable distance from what we want to photograph, we may not achieve the effect we would like to make. Since it is most likely that visual stimuli appear that we were not looking for. This usually happens especially when what we want to photograph are people or animals. That is why we must risk getting out of our comfort zone and getting closer to our goal.  If we manage to break that barrier, we will achieve much deeper images that will attract and awaken feelings in those who see them.

Experiment with contrasts

It is generally assumed that the most dynamic, present and impactful photographs are those in which the streets are full of people and movement, while the quietest places seem dull when photographing. Although that is not entirely true, since there are great treasures anywhere, in some lonely street, half-empty bars, small neighbourhood shops of a lifetime, it all depends on what we want to convey. You can learn more from

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