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Amazon EBC services –

Refresh your old product listing with Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. It is a state-of-the-art tool provided by Amazon that encourages sellers to sell their products virtually via image and content fusion. Amazon is a revolutionary e-commerce platform that needs to be taken extremely seriously. Just casually listing products and adjusting a few factors will never help you achieve your desired goal. To be recognized as a trustworthy brand, focus on elevating listings – If you stay basic while others use extraordinary listings, the difference can be felt by your customers. They will choose content that appeals to their aesthetics. Don’t risk doing it yourself if you have no prior experience, instead, outsource EBC services to a known agency. In this digital world, it is not just a need but an influential tool for excellence and innovation.

Why do you need to invest in EBC services?

  • Max flow of customers towards your brand – Who does not like attractive images and readable content? The better your listings are the more trust you instil in customers.
  • Improved brand credibility – Imagine something as simple as a listing can build brand credibility in the eyes of customers.
  • Endless traffic and clicks – Detailed product information is unmessy and easy to digest – Simpler things have a higher impact.
  • More and more sales per day and per month – Sales are the destination or goal for every business selling products in the first place. With the right SEO techniques, you can take your listing to unexplored peaks.

Enhanced Brand Content services involve the following –

  • Strategizing and mapping the page – Understanding the client’s requirements and inputs, designers decide which layout will work the best and also chalk out where to position which element.
  • Image curation – Moving from blurry, haphazard images, designers create high-resolution, attractive images that have a lasting impact on customer’s minds.
  • 360 photography and top-notch editing.
  • Content is king – Content writers don’t just pen down product descriptions they weave them into the hearts of consumers.
  • Keyword placement – Before writing the FBA information, they select the relevant keywords that are similar to customer search terms and add them to the text.

Amazon product optimization services – Amazon product optimization is the cornerstone of success. More than half of the population is present on Amazon searching for their cherished products. You can reach such a massive customer base just by product optimization. For a business, products are not commodities but golden opportunities.

Experts are at your service ensuring customers buy your products when they open the app.

An array of Amazon Product Optimization services – 

  • Expansive keyword analysis – Keywords are the only elements that can be used to show your products. There are numerous tools, Merchant Words, Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, but fetching the right keywords from these third-party tools is quite tricky. Whether it is for SEO or advertisements, you have to incorporate high-volume and relevant keywords everywhere.
  • Competitor analysis – If you are selling shoes, there will be more than hundreds of other brands selling the same. Know who are competing against. It is said, you should stay closer to competitors than friends. By tapping your rivals’ every movement, you already know what to do and what to avoid.
  • Product information adjustment – Descriptions, bullet points and titles are the three components that make up the text part of the listings. It takes approximately 15% of the space, and optimizing each can open new avenues.
  • Brand representation – Present your brand identity mission and vision within these sections.

Choose the right agency – You don’t only render services to them in return they offer endless support to your business. Through their data-driven approach and attention to denial capacity, they will help you turn the table of growth toward your side. Being sellers themselves, they are well acquainted with the nuances of this space. They bring a new wave of freshness and objectivity that transforms small businesses into massive conglomerates. Consultants are normal beings with extraordinary prowess. Trust their Amazon consulting services.

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