What kills jock itch fast?

          Itchy skin can be a great nuisance in our daily life. Sometimes it is too much that some people can never go to work or to school because the itchy feeling is too strong and at times can be painful. Imagine this itchy feeling but affecting the genital area. It is certainly not a good feeling especially knowing that you cannot scratch it in public or you have scratched too much that it begins to crease sores. Such an event can be suspected as jock itch. In the medicine term, it is known as tinea cruris.

          What exactly is jock itch? It is defined as a fungal infection affecting the moist place of the body such as genital, buttock and thigh regions. A fungal infection can be very uncomfortable but it is often not serious. Jock itching is common in people who sweat a lot such as athletes due to the moisture or high humidity on the body. As the name implies, this is common in male athletes which explains the word ‘jock’ itself but any woman or guy, athlete or not can get this. 

          Fungal infection affecting jock itch is caused by ringworm. Just like with any other fungal infections, fungal infections are caused by overgrowth of the fungus itself. Fungus do actually live on the skin but normally in small amounts. When the skin is moist, the warm body temperature and the humidity triggers the fungus to grow and multiply in a big amount. Take an example of the mould on bread. Why does the bread have mould? It must have been either the moist condition of the bread itself and the temperature of the surrounding area supporting the growth of fungus.

          There are risk factors that make a person susceptible to the jock itch. This includes male, overweight people as they have more skin fold which favours the optimal environment for fungal infections, people who sweats a lot, teenagers and people with medical conditions such as weak immune system or diabetes. With these risk factors, a person is likely to experience jock itch if they are not taking hygiene measures seriously.

          Jock itch often starts with just any other skin irritation and is often initially seen on the inner thighs first. As time goes by, it causes the skin to become red and inflamed. Crack or peel may be seen on the affected skin. This lesion may spread along the buttocks and genital area. The rash spread outward in a ring-like pattern. The centre of the rash will get somewhat better as the rash spreads. The rash is characterised by well-defined red borders that may have lines of blisters. Burning and itching is common within the site of the rash. The specific sign of fungal infection is the rash gets worse with exercise and often does not resolve with anti-itch creams.

          A doctor usually diagnoses this condition easily just by looking at the lesion. However, in cases that a doctor may be unsure if it is a jock itch, a closer examination such as scraping the affected skin or a biopsy procedure to be sent to the lab for further testing. Even though jock itching itself is not a serious problem,  doctors usually will pay attention if the skin rash persists to eliminate other possible serious diseases. This is especially true in people with weak immune systems and diabetes as they tend to have skin issues way more serious than just jock itch. A person with jock itch that does not resolve with medication from over-the-counter (OTC) medication or the rash gets worse, should go see a doctor.

          In most cases of jock itch, over-the-counter treatments should be able to help treat this condition. Jock itch should resolve in a few weeks. Treatments can be in forms of cream, powder or sprays. Best to ask the pharmacist if you are looking for one in the pharmacy. In cases that jock itch that needs doctor’s attention, they will likely prescribe high-strength antifungal cream or antifungal pills to help clear the infection effectively.

          You probably wonder, what is the best way to kill jock itch fast? Honestly, OTC medicine should be enough in most cases. There is no shorter way of healing jock itch apart from waiting for weeks to clear up but you can actually take steps on reducing the discomfort along this period. This includes patting the groin area dry with a clean towel, taking both or a shower after working out or when you feel too sweaty and avoiding wearing tight-fitting clothes and underwear since rubbing and chafing skin makes you prone to get jock itch.

          It is important to note that fungal infection can be highly contagious. This means you should take preventative measures to lessen the risk of the infection. Never share your towel or other personal items with others and clean exercise equipment before using it.

          In essence, jock itch can be very distressing but simple OTC should be able to heal it. Remember to use medication as directed by the doctor or as instructed on the product’s label. Staying dry is the best way to avoid such infection. Practising good hygiene not only helps prevent jock itch but also many other diseases caused by pathogens surrounding.

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