The air conditioner is equipment created as a system on its own, which means it has working parts and it has the controlling space, and so on. It is used to cool down the temperature of a particular environment or an enclosed space for ventilation, as there are times that the heat will be so much and almost become unbearable for man. The evaporative air cooler also has some other machine that works like it, such as a Fan (standing, Ceiling Electric, and so on), Air cooler (Evaporative, Portable, portacool, and so on), and air conditioner. Evaporative Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner can be justified by checking the values, placing them side by side, the importance, the benefit.

There are a lot of casualties that are reduced when there is enough and very good ventilation that the human body receives. It also places the human in a state of comfortability, and as such, it is advisable to use it always so that the body of the human will not be in a state of discomfort continually, it helps in the productivity of humans. Evaporative Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner has some major difference, which differentiates it, even though they have the same aim, built in the different body structure, the different systems that run through it and the conversion of equipment, such as the different.

Evaporative Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner there is a lot of differences between them, although they have the same functions the differences between them are glaring as they have a different mode of operation, uses and the advantages of one over the other are very high, evaporative air cooler has a great advantage over air conditioner as the cost of maintenance is low while the cost of maintenance of air conditioner is high and expensive. Below are some highlighted advantages of an evaporative air cooler over the air conditioner.

  •       As said earlier, evaporative air cooler require less maintenance in comparison to air conditioner because of the capacity to use water to cool naturally, and water is readily available, meanwhile, the air conditioner is expensive because of the ability to use gases to cool, which is not readily available and will go through some processes.
  •       Air conditioning requires a lot of energy and power to run, while evaporative air coolers require less energy and the energy is not wasted and the goal is still met, and the goal is basically to ventilate the environment.
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