Without any doubt, the best protection and safety is a must to a smartphone. Accessing a variety of contents via internet and logging to many public sites and links makes this a compelling need. Also, we hear of increasing numbers of hacking taking place. However, with all these risks users of smartphones still have to carry on with them. And the best method of preventive and safety measures against all of these dangers are to use a VPN. A VPN will serve its user privately but ensure safety when using public domain.

To bring in all the safety that is required to comprehensively protect the most relied upon smartphone in usage is the XVPN-Private Browser VPN Smart App. Here’s how this modern smart app with its advanced in-built technology that will professionally do its job with no interruptions to the smartphone user to carry on with the normal usage of the smartphone.

About X VPN app

Wow! With 8000 + servers located around the globe X-VPN will give best efficiencies and productivity combined with safety in accessing data and information to its users. X-VPN will with its sensors, automatically connect to the best servers taking into consideration the smartphone users’ location thus, providing the most efficient connections to the web. With X-VPN’s Connection Log feature will record connections made to web sites maintaining date and time of log in and log out. This will help if the users want to track down the details on connections made from their smartphones. With the smart app’s Kill Switch feature will automatically disconnect the smartphone from the internet if the VPN connection is not in an activation.

This gives a safety cover and will prevent unsecured internet connections until the VPN connection gets activated. With the kill switch, data and privacy will remain protected at all times. With X-VPN’s Application Control feature, will restrict or block any unauthorized apps putting data at risk. The Notification Bar of the X-VPN will display all the features. This bar can be set on the smartphone’s home screen and hidden with a password so that only the smartphone user will have access. X-VPN has provided the option of Dark Mode application preferred by many users. X-VPN’ s exquisite speed testing feature will enable users to determine if their devices are working at the optimalspeed. This will assist the users to take necessary action to boost up the speed. X-VPN also provides with super personal encryption.

With the foremost objective of imparting the safest protection whilst surfing the web, X-VPN – Private Browser VPN Smart App will always make sure to take the worries away from its users of the daily occurrences of the dangers caused to a smartphone in usage. Users will be free to carry on the way they want and this wonderful surfing the web, X-VPN – Private Browser VPN Smart App. Leave all the worries to X VPN which will tackle any issue in the most effective and efficient manner to keep your smartphone safely protected.

Install X VPN on Android TV

This is a TV VPN app that is available on Play Store TV and Amazon App Store. You can use Google Voice and Amazon Alexa to find this app on your App store easily. If you use free Movies and TV shows apps that are available on AppLinked, FileSynced or Unlinked, make sure to use a VPN. Using a VPN will protect your data and privacy. Confidently download free movies apps on Aptoide TV, AppLinked store and other free stores with this VPN app. Click here to download Applinked.

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