Yogyakarta Travel Guideline for Travellers 

As Jakarta is Java’s political and financial backing; subsequently, Yogyakarta is its cultural soul. It is home to Indonesia’s main archaeological sites, Borobudur, Prambanan. It is the only state in the nation still dominated by a sultan. But you do not need to see something as expansive as Borobudur to observe how steeped this town is at traditional Javanese culture and arts. Take a stroll together Jalan Malioboro, and you will see precisely what we mean. On each side of the road are numerous stores selling batik, the classical black artwork of dyed and decorated fabrics. 

Keep walking, and you will discover more of it in Pasar Beringharjo, and better examples at different art facilities and workshops across the city. If you are in Yogyakarta on a Saturday, then you may go to the Kraton to adventure wayang kulit. It is a conventional shadow puppet show accompanied by a musical ensemble called gamelan. If you would like something on a bigger scale, then you could be considering the Ramayana Ballet, a visual representation of this epic Ramayana saga.  

It is performed in a variety of venues throughout town, although none more notable maybe than Prambanan. Spend a couple of days here, and you will find a feeling that Yogyakarta is protective of its own rituals and customs. In some ways, it is like the protector of an ancient civilization.

Optional Transportation to Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is situated to the south of Central Java. We arrived from Bandung. Therefore, we chose an 8-hour direct train to Yogyakarta. However, there are lots of ways to get there based on where you’re. With the aim of this manual, we will explain how to access Yogyakarta in the significant tourist destinations of Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali.

From Jakarta

  • By Plane: Multiple airlines such as Lion Air and AirAsia offer direct flights out of Jakarta to Yogyakarta. The flight requires a bit over one hour. Should you have to reserve a private transfer from the airport to your resort, then you can do this through Bookaway.
  • By Train: In case you are not in a hurry, then a fantastic alternative is to travel by train. We prefer trains over flights. The scene is better, and it is considerably more economical. The train ride from Jakarta to Yogyakarta takes approximately 8 hours so that you may perform an overnight train should you desire. You may reserve tickets that is precisely what we used to book train rides from Jakarta to Bandung, subsequently Bandung to Yogyakarta.
  • By Bus: A third choice is to go by bus that takes somewhat longer than travel by train, about 9 hours per day. You may book bus tickets through Bookaway.

From Bandung

  • By Plane: From the looks of this, there is just one airline that provides direct flights out of Bandung to Yogyakarta, which is Lion Air. The flight requires a bit over one hour. Should you have to reserve a private transfer from the airport to your resort, then you can certainly do this through Bookaway.
  • By Train: As explained, this is the way we came to Yogyakarta. We travelled by an overnight train that took approximately 8 hours and got us to Yogyakarta at 3:30 AM, just in time to catch the sunrise out of Barede Hill. You may reserve your tickets first.

From Bali

  • By Flight: Several airlines offer direct flights in the island of Bali to Yogyakarta, such as AirAsia along with Lion Air. The flight takes approximately one hour and a half. Should you have to reserve a private transfer from the airport to your resort, then you can certainly do this through Bookaway.

Perfect Time To Travel Yogyakarta

Like its Southeast Asian neighbours, Indonesia has two seasons: rainy and dry. The dry period is generally from April until October, so this is believed to be the ideal time to go. But, it is still possible to pay a visit to Yogyakarta throughout the rainy season as a lot of the raindrops in the day. 

APR-OCT: As explained, this is the dry period in Yogyakarta and generally believed to be the ideal time to see. June until September are the driest months. Temperatures are relatively consistent during the year so that it’s perfect to see this time if you’re able to.

NOV-MAR: This is the rainy season in Yogyakarta. It is rainiest and most humid from December until March, with all those weeks becoming at least 15 times of rain.

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