B1 Level English Test ForUK Citizenship

The B1 test is very important if you are planning to become a resident of the UK. You can make your B1 test bookingonline and once you have cleared the tests you can present the results in your final application. There are many people who take the speaking and listening test every year but not all of them make it. There is a fee that you have to pay every time you apply for the test and taking multiple shots can prove to be expensive.

Multiple attempts for the test can be expensive

It can quickly become very expensive if you attempt and fail at the exam multiple times. In order to ace the tests, you will have to prepare and practice even before you appear for the test. With the right preparation you will be confident enough and be able to pass the exam the first time you try. To begin with, you will have to understand what the exam is all about. The purpose of the test is to check that your level of communication in English matches that of the description of the b1 CEFR in the common European Framework. According to the government, a person has to be at least at B1 level in order to get permanent citizenship or settlement status. The test is a way to make the authorities see that you are able to use English as a language to communicate freely with other speakers.

Guidelines for the B1 English test

In order to ace the tests you will have to understand as well as use the language at the B1 level of specification. The format of the exam is such that when you communicate with the examiner, he or she will check your language against the guidelines and specifications mentioned. Therefore the easiest way to crack the test is by using the language that the examiner is looking for. You can go through the study material and practice your communication skills with another family member or friends. This way you will slowly gain the confidence to answer the questions during the examination. You will have to understand the requirements of the test before you start practising because it is important that you communicate according to the parameters of the B1 level.

The results of the test can be either pass or fail. If you fail in the test that means you will not be able to use the test results in your visa application. However, this does not mean you cannot retry for the test again. During the test interview you will be asked questions about yourself and later you will have to give a short talk and answer a few questions. You will be taking the interview with another person like you. This is because the examiner will judge you by your skills to continue a discussion and communicate with another person. Now that you are confident and know what to expect, you can make B1 test booking online.

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