Here are 5 things that can make your bath luxurious

Life can be tiring, and a bath usually tends to become the solution. A bath is a private affair. It’s when you’re alone with yourself and you can hear your thoughts loudly. It’s the time to relax and take off a day’s dirt and dust. It’s when you tend to get lost in the flow of the water and the calm of the soap. Who doesn’t love a nice, warm bath right? To take it up another level make a bath luxurious, there are some important elements that you must have. 

Here are 5 important elements like a shower gel and a loofah that are essentials while making your bath luxurious:

  • The perfect shower gel/ body wash

For the best bath experience, it is important to have the best shower gel or body wash that suits your skin type and your skin needs. If you love a pleasant smelling, creamy body wash for your dry skin then you can try Fiama Scents Juniper & Geranium Body Wash or Fiama Scents Mimosa & Neroli Body Wash. For extreme nourishment, you can choose Vivel Neem Oil & Aloe Vera Body Wash. 

If you have normal to oily skin and love shower gels, you might enjoy the fragrant and filled with skin conditioner shower gels: Fiama Shower Gel Black Currant and Bearberry and Fiama Gel + Crème Body Wash Ashwagandha & Almond Cream. 

  • Loofah and bathing brush

A loofah is the best way to use a good quality shower gel. Loofahs not only create the visually appealing foamy lather but also help in exfoliation of the skin. Using a loofah on your skin once or twice in a week is necessary for deep cleaning. Loofahs help prevent microorganisms from sticking and breeding on the skin and keep it sterile and soft. Loofahs also make sure to remove dead skin cells. Similarly, a bathing brush also does a similar job and is great to have around in your bathroom.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils are naturally found oils that tend to have a calming effect on the body. A lot of essential oils have numerous skin benefits too and help with acne, marks and inflammation. Essential oils also help with dry skin, sun damage and evening out skin tones. Most essential oils are pleasant smelling and make for great aromatherapy too! Fiama Di Wills has wide variety of high-quality essential oils that you can look into!

  • Candles

Using candles while taking a slow warm bath just looks aesthetically pleasing, does it not? Candles are gorgeous and make for the best kind of soft lighting you need while taking a long and luxurious bath. Many candles today come with enticing fragrances that go very well with bath time too!

  • Body lotion

Once you’re all clean and dried, it is important that you nourish your skin and give it ample moisture. A good nourishing body lotion will hydrate your skin and make it soft and supple. Body lotions also tend to have amazing fragrances so you will be left with shiny and fragrant skin by the end of it.

While these are your top five things to have in a luxury bath, you can also add a soft bath robe, some lovely music, and some nice perfume for later!


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