Speculations For 2021 Web Design Trends

Various technologies are in constant improvement, more so the internet. This is why top Web design Denver agency is always at the fore of learning and predicting the important changes and trends that will define the future of web design. While we expect that most things will stay the same, we can safely predict that the following will happen:

  1. Increased love for dark mode: From WhatsApp to Facebook to Twitter, dark mode is gradually becoming the favorite theme for many. For this reason, we can say that it is going to be a trend in 2021 for old and new websites to incorporate a dark theme switch on their pages. It will be a challenge for developers and designers to creatively explore dark themes that can evoke more visitors’ emotions.
  2. Speed and user experience: We can say for certain that the need for speed in browsing will increase. We are already in the 5G age, preparing to witness the dawn of even 6G and internet speed like we have never seen. It is only logical that the demand for improved speed will be there. When it comes to web design, Denver designers will go all out to find ways to complement the internet speed with website loading speed. Users are also going to place more emphasis on better user experience in 2021.
  3. Mixed media files: We have seen a shift from traditional text-only web pages to a mixture of text and images and, more recently, text and video. In 2021, the trend will align more with short, crisp videos and high-quality 1024 x 768 pp images, which are catchy. 3D elements are also going to feature a lot.
  4. Voice-activated features: Voice queries are already popular, but 2021 will see more website designers like web design Denver incorporate them to further the ease of the navigation.
  5. Virtual Reality (VR): VR is going to be used by a lot more sites. What Airbnb is doing with its virtual reality tour is giving more websites an idea, which we will see a lot within the year. VR can be a powerful tool to help visitors’ virtual experience.
  6. AI-powered agents: As more businesses seek to scale revenue and reduce costs, human agents will take higher roles than attending to thousands of chats and calls personally. With the advancements in artificial technology, we expect to see this more in 2021.
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