Steps To Running A Contest for Promotion

Promotion is needed in any form of business be it small or big. If you have a strategy of running successful promotional activities in business then your business is on the right track of getting success. Running a contest is also one of the promotional activities which draw the attention of large people and also generate new email leads and make sales. To be able to run a successful contest you should follow the following steps carefully.

Set Your Goals And Targets

You need to know the purpose of conducting a contest. The motive of conducting a contest must meet your business and marketing objectives. Making business famous, attracting large people, increasing sales, developing good relationships with customers are the primary goals of many businesses. You should know whom you are targeting like Age group, demographics, geographic location.

Select Type Of Contest, Prize

There are plenty of contests like sweepstakes, photo contest, video contest, vote contest, photo caption contest, essay contest, etc. you should know about your contest like starting and ending date, rules of the contest, entry method for participants, and the place you will be hosting the contest. The prize is the main attraction of the contest. You should select the price which will be given to the winner.


Now is the time to reach for the people. The best way to get it is through advertisement. During the advertisement, it is essential to let the audience know about rules, prize money, contest details, etc. Enticing images in contests attract many people. Adding banners on websites, promoting on social media, creating ads are means of advertisement.

Publishing Result

This is an important step in the contest. The winner should be announced in a fairway. There will be a lot of people involved in the contest. So, using random picker tools like Free Random Name Generator would be extremely handy. This tool picks winners based on randomness. Every participant has an equal chance of winning the contest. You just need to enter the name on the tool and it chooses the winner amongst them.

Follow Up With the Winner

Information about the winner can be published on a website or social media platforms. After getting all the documents for the verification of the winner, the organizer must deliver the prize to the winner. The prize must be delivered at a time so that the winner gets motivated about the brand and the company. This helps to build a positive attitude toward the company.

Repetition of the Events

After completion of one event, organizers must sit together and discuss the good and bad that happened during the contest. They can even ask for feedback from the participants. After doing the necessary improvements, the event must be repeated after a certain time.

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