Tactics To Try Out Fist Powder For Unending Orgasms

Sometimes a full-body orgasm is a wonderful surprise that happens when you’re exploring a new sex technique, position, or toy. Ever used a rabbit vibe while your partner fondled your chest? Or used fist powder to massage your partner? Was the orgasm even more, well, orgasmic than usual? Odds are it could qualify as a full-body orgasm!

Some people seek out full-body orgasms and work to train themselves to have them. Pleasure seekers actively trying to have a full-body orgasm. No matter your approach, these tips can help you get orgasms courtesy of fist powder:

Block out your schedule. A full-body orgasm (probably) isn’t something you’re going to have during a 10-minute quickie. Set aside some real time to explore a fist powder massage, you can try an entire Sunday afternoon or go on a vacay trying it all day long.

Relax putting pressure on yourself to have a full-body O is the opposite of being relaxed. Remind yourself: The point of exploring full-body orgasms isn’t actually to have a full-body orgasm but to: learn more about your body, expand your understanding of pleasure and Breathe. Breath can produce so much extraordinary pleasure; it would amaze you. Eventually, you’ll find that breath can help you bring erotic energy into your life.

You can try something called “the bottom breath. To give it a go: Sit cross-legged, spine straight. Then place your hands on your stomach, then completely relax your stomach so it expands into your hands. Continue to exhale all of the air out of your lungs. Simultaneously inhale through your mouth while gently exhaling your anus. (Seriously. Imagine your anus is kissing the floor.) Exhale through your mouth, keeping your anus where it is and repeat.

No doubt, it sounds a little wacky. But “you’ll likely feel relaxed and flushed all over. Another option that can be equally effective and doesn’t involve your anus is circular breathing.

To try this:

Keeping lips slightly parted and jaw relaxed, breathe in through your mouth.

Feel the back of your throat relax, then let air fall out between your lips.

Repeat, imagining the air moving in a circular pattern.

If you’re taking a tantric approach, its recommended that you stay here and continue focusing on the flow of air.

As you do so: Freely move your hips, make whatever noises come naturally, bring awareness to your perineum (the place between your genitals and bum), practice syncing pelvic floor contractions with your breath and stay with it. You’ll begin to have a tingling, expansive sensation spread throughout your body.

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