Which Option Is Better for Moving Cross Country – Shipping, Driving, Or Selling the Car

When you move cross country the cost of car shipping will be significant, especially coast to coast. Driving will be cheaper, but full of challenges like heavy traffic, engine breakdown, weather issues, accommodation needs, etc. It is also time-consuming and energy-draining. Therefore, shipping your car is much better than driving it on your own. Another alternative is selling or trading, especially when the car is nearing its life end or you plan to purchase a less costly vehicle.

Shipping or selling

The option to selling or ship a car will depend on the resale value of your car, moving distance, and the cost to replace the current vehicle with a new one.

For example,

  • Price to ship a 2011 Toyota Highlander outside the state is $4,230, whereas purchasing a new one is $30,000 and trade-in value is $12,400 [after 50,000 miles].
  • Price to ship a 2014 Ford Focus outside the state is $4,700, whereas purchasing a new one is $17,000 and trade-in value is $7,700 [after 50,000 miles]

Car transport rates differ based on route popularity and seasonality. The above example is a rough estimation. It is clear to hire reliable Ship a Car, Inc. instead of buying a new one or choose to trade-in. You can use the quote calculator on Ship a Car, Inc. for instant estimation.

Shipping or DIY driving

Cross-country road trips are thrilling, but the miles you ride contribute towards the overall depreciation that gets accounted in the resale value. On the other hand, car transport keeps miles and another wear & tears away. Cross country drive is time-consuming and can take 5 to 6 days, if you take fewer side trips. Shipping can save time and mind draining efforts associated with driving.

Safety also needs serious mulling over in cross country driving. Accidents are unpredictable and within seconds your car can get compromised along with you behind the steering wheel. Shipping a car makes a difference between getting the car safely at the new destination or increases the odds of getting it damaged.

DIY driving not just includes the cost of filling the fuel tank but even food, accommodation, and other sudden expenses [repair or tire issue]. For cross country, it is wise to have the car professionally transported rather than drive it on your own. Besides, how can you forget about your physical and mental health in this pandemic scenario? Your life is more valuable than the cost of professional car shipping.

Cross country shipping options

Shippers offer two types of services – Open trailers and enclosed carriers. The shipping cost in –

  • Open trailer for 1,000 miles is $900 and 2,750 miles is $1,010
  • Enclosed carrier for 1,000 miles is $1,400 and 2,750 miles is 1,600

These are just rough estimations. You need to get several quotes to compare and make a suitable decision. Price is crucial, but even on-time delivery and customer satisfaction count.

Selling a car means no need to invest in shipping but the drawback is replacement vehicle cost [includes purchase price, registration, and insurance cost]. Driving cross country is time-consuming and involves lots of challenges physical and psychological. Professional shipping means no need to buy or trade-in for a new car and the mental peace of having your vehicle delivered safely, it is worth the cost!

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