Know About The Various Types Of Thinner

Whether you’re using a thick or oil-based paint finish, paint thinner is an essential tool to have on hand. This is so because the paint will be less heavy and easier to work with after thinning.

It’s also useful for cleaning paint supplies and tools after spills and messes. Thinner (ทิน เนอ ร์, which is the term in Thai) is used to dilute, or clean paints. They are divided into groups according to the ingredients they contain and the paints they can dilute.

Paint Thinner

“Paint thinner” typically refers to thinning substances used to reduce the viscosity of oil-based paints or remove residue from them.

Petroleum Distillation, organic resins, and artificial or natural oils are common sources of these solvents. Because of this property, the dissolving agent is very often used to dilute oil-based finishes.

Layerings that are water-based can be diluted with any paint thinner. However, aqueous paint thinners are recommended.

Lacquer Thinner

The thinner for lacquer, varnish, and other sealing agents or top layering is cellulose thinner, often known as lacquer thinner. It can be synthesized by reacting with several dissolving agents, such as toluene, xylene, butyl acetate, acetone, and other compounds.

This thinner works better for diluting paints than for cleaning brushes and rollers. This is because lacquer thinner is powerful and can cause harm to more delicate materials like wool.

Nevertheless, naphtha-based lacquer diluter can clean paintbrushes, rollers, other painting implements, and hard surfaces like cemented areas and masonry.


The thinner naphtha is also of high grade. It works great for diluting enamel, varnish, wood stains, oil-based finishes, and sealants. Artificial resins and petroleum distillation are the two main sources of naphtha. Therefore this is the case. That’s why it’s not ideal for aqueous-based paints, which this thinning chemical is designed for.

Naphtha thinners exist, although the solvent is also a component of other thinners like lacquer thinner. As naphtha evaporates rapidly from the layer, it dries in a short amount of time. This means there is less risk of the paint chipping or the particles being unmixed.


The primary manufacturer of thinner xylene is Ultimax. Yet it’s rarely used all alone as a thinner. Several different thinners typically have major component as xylene. Despite its milder characteristics, xylene is powerful enough to dilute sealing agents like enamel and other wood dyes.

White Spirits

White spirits, a type of paint thinner, are typically used for sanitization. Aqueous-based paints, such as latex, can be thinned with them, but oil-borne paints cannot.

By its stability as a solvent, the white spirit can be combined with different thinners such as mineral spirits to dilute paints that are based on oil and sealants.

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