The truth about Lab Grown Diamonds

Do you think Lab diamonds are real? Yes, technically Lab diamonds are real. The natural diamonds and lab diamonds are both created from Corbin. Lab diamond rings are very gorgeous and classy. Natural diamonds take millions of years in the earth to form. Now the lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory between three to eight weeks.

Moving to another feature of this type of diamond is its price. In comparison to natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are 35 to 55 percent cheaper than natural diamonds. So lab diamond rings are also cheaper than natural diamond rings. Since they are produced in a lab it is much less costly. Lab diamonds are real and lab diamonds rings are beautiful. We can tell a difference under a loop or a microscope. Here the question arises whether every lab diamonds rings are of the same quality. It is because it is created in the lab. Just like nature, we have different colors, clarities and we can choose from a whole range of diamonds according to your pocket.

Let’s talk about the features

There is a technological breakthrough for this century, scientists have taken an achievement and this is a mitosis diamond. These are termed to be eco-friendly and conflict-free. So many consumers demand the eco-friendly lab diamond rings. Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds.

Information we should know about lab-grown diamond

Some disadvantages of lab-grown diamonds are that they do not hold their value as natural diamonds do. Secondly, people prefer natural diamonds, a survey by the diamonds federation of Hong Kong shows that 77 percent of female respondents were disappointed as the diamonds turned out to be synthetic and 95 percent of all men and women told that the engagement ring should have natural diamonds.

Its human nature of wanting what others want and what others demand is natural diamonds. A natural diamond is formed by geological processes and takes millions of years.


The evolution

It is the biggest alteration faced by the industry. They are growing diamonds that are identical in every way to a mined stone. Lab-grown diamonds are the future of the industry. Machines are now growing diamonds in a matter of weeks for two-third of its price. But can never replace the magic of a mined stone. Mined stone was created by nature thousands of years ago,

Lab diamond rings could never take the place of the real diamond rings. The real diamond has got that sparkle that is never recreated. While the sale of lab-grown diamonds is about 2 percent of the industry, every year there is a growth of 15 percent. They have been around for more than 60 years, but recently, the process and the product have been refined. California-based Diamond Foundry can create a one-carat diamond in two weeks. The US Federal Trade Commission, in July 2018, expanded the definition of a diamond to include lab-grown stones. Lab-created diamonds may affect the lower part of the market, but it will never affect the real gems. There will be no disruption. The very expensive diamonds are still bought for investment purposes, an investment that holds its value. Now buyers can pick up a lab-grown diamond for a third less than a mined stone and as technology improves price will drop further.

Big mined stones are rare and thus valuable. Lab-grown diamonds provide an ethically sourced alternative. Lab-grown diamonds need the glamour and romance associated with mined diamonds if they are going to survive.

Why people should buy a lab-grown diamond?

If the disadvantages get blurred then it should be recommended to people. Some advantages of lab-grown diamond rings are it has greater purity and improved quality. It is affordable diamonds and it is present in different colors. Diamonds are made purer above the earth as there will be fewer defects and strains and it will have a good crystal structure. Mined diamonds make a very large hole in the earth and require a large number of fossil fuels.

Lab-grown diamond rings are less expensive and made with premium quality. The chain of suppling of lab-grown diamond rings is easy and profitable. If anyone is buying the lab-grown diamond rings so he/she is supporting the research and development team. As buyers should know the reflection of the price they pay.

Use diamond rings for wedding

Wedding rings can hold so much importance in our lives as the rings are symbols of eternal bondage and happy marriage life. So most of the people do not like to compromise on the quality of rings they want to buy for their loved ones as these rings hold huge importance in their lives. But most often than not the price of real diamond rings can cost a fortune for most of the people.

Experts around the world tried to find out cost-effective ways to make diamonds and make it affordable to the average crowd without compromising its quality. The concept of lab diamond rings came from here. The lab diamond rings are not only cost-effective but also environment friendly. Natural diamonds are mined from undergrounds which are potentially very much harmful to our sensitive ecosystem. Moreover, the mining of diamonds includes child labor as well as hazardous working conditions for men and women working in the mines.

Whereas lab diamond rings are created within a laboratory under controlled conditions that do not require any hazardous mining activity as well as poor working conditions. So lab diamond rings are much more ethical than real diamond rings with the same quality, durability, luster, and shine. So consumers can save a huge amount of money by making responsible consumer choices without making the slightest compromise on the quality. Now average people can also dream of giving their loved ones the lab diamond rings without even thinking twice about the money as well as quality and hence able to give a special meaning to their eternal bondage more affordably and ethically.

In this way, the lab diamond rings full of shine can easily outshine the real diamond rings shortly because of its high quality as well as a more ethical and environment-friendly environment. The investment in lab diamond rings will prove to be more beneficial than the real mined diamonds shortly.

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