What are G-Shaped and L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layouts?

A G-shaped modular kitchen layout refers to a specific configuration of kitchen cabinetry that has a peninsula type of preparation area along with four walls of storage. The name “G-shape” is because this type of kitchen layout looks like the letter “G” and the G-shaped kitchen layout is actually the expansion of U-shaped configuration of kitchen layouts. However, modular kitchens though come in standard designs with basic characteristics of several modules, but they are also made with customised designs with specifications of users as well as the creativity of various designers in different parts of the country such as modular kitchen bangalore or Chennai or elsewhere. 

The G-shaped modular kitchen layout ultimately increases the number of base cabinets resulting in the creation of more storage spaces in the kitchen as well as streamlining the cooking area. But it is not the increase of storage areas alone that make the G-shaped modular kitchen layout popular. The G-shaped layout also incorporates several countertop areas as well as easy and swift access to supplies which make the chef effectively and easily handle the kitchen activities. In fact, the increased countertop spaces at the surrounding of the kitchen make the area reachable and usable in the entire processes of the cooking as well as for other activities.

On the other hand, the L-shaped modular kitchen layout refers to an “L” letter type of layout and uses two sides of the wall namely the longer wall and the shorter ones in the layout. The L-shaped modular kitchen layouts are good for smaller kitchen or the kitchens which have comparatively less space in the kitchen. The L-shaped kitchens are popular among middle-income group of people where the kitchens are smaller particularly in the apartments. All the appliances and storage in an L-shaped kitchen is evenly arranged at the two sides of the kitchen ultimately creating more and extra space in the kitchen. 

The L-shaped modular kitchen layout is, in fact, an age-old module but the ergonomics of this type of layout has made the L-shaped layout popular and relevant among the kitchen users even in the contemporary period. One of the basic and key features of the L-shaped kitchen layout is that it creates an efficient work triangle in between the preparation, and cooking areas, and clean up areas in the kitchen. Eventually, the L-shaped modular kitchen layouts are the only options when a kitchen cannot incorporate and island layout or G-shaped layout in the kitchen because of less space in the kitchen.   


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