Offbeat Places To Visit in Leh


It sometimes happens that even the most famous places across the globe won’t satisfy your zest, which otherwise might be fulfilled by some offbeat places. A classic example of this is Leh. While you know Leh-Ladakh for its adventurous fun, that’s not all that Leh-Ladakh has got to make your holiday a happening one!

In fact, you can say that even on a dark day, nothing can ever us national parks dim the light and shine of Ladakh. Perhaps, this is the reason why Ladakh is rightly called as a mysterious land. So, if you are keen on planning a trip to Ladakh, here are some off-beat places you should never skip from your itinerary –

Turtuk –

Turtuk is a little farming village of the Ladakh region, which has seen complete seclusion from the crowd of travelers and tourists. This village stands close to the valley of the Siachen Glacier, which is known for its gigantism. Right from wheat farms to sweet-smelling apricots to smiling faces, a visit to the off-beat location of Turtuk elates every single beat of every heart.

Try gripping adventures at the Uleytokpo –

If you want to visit a tranquil off-beat place, try visiting Uleytokpo. It is somewhat at a 60v km drive from the mainland of Leh and lies on your way to the Lamayuru. You can label it as a charming camping base dipped in the serenity of the Indus Valley and you can also know what people have to say about this adventure at thrillophila reviews. Further, this off-beat destination is flanked all over by some spectacular sights such as Rizdong Monastery, Likir Monastery, Lamayuru Monastery, and Mangyu Temple.

Explore the cultural land of Basgo –

All those who are great historians at heart and want to take a dig in the past happenings at Ladakh, the area of Basgo should surely be a part of your Leh itinerary. It holds both cultural and political significance. Unfortunately, what you see now are just ruins. What makes it attractive is the ravages of a 15th-century old monastery and a charming royal place that still marks its presence here.

Rejuvenate yourself at the Rangdum –

Rangdum is a Buddhist village nestling on the stretch of Padum and Kargil and has got everything to catch the sight of every wanderer’s eyes. There is a 16th-century gompa cum Rangdum monastery sheltering around 40 to 45 monks. The overall land of Rangdum radiates both peaceful and soothing vibes. If you want to rejuvenate yourself at some happening destination other than India than Miami in the United States can be a perfect choice.

Rumtse –

If you are fond of nature and trekking is something which keeps your adrenaline pumping to its extremities, the town of Rumtse is meant for you. It is flanked all over with arid planes, Pasteurlands, and mountain ranges.

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