How does artificial intelligence undress people?

In recent years, neural networks have made significant progress; with their help, more and more content can be generated, including realistic images and videos. One such technology can digitally remove clothing from images of clothed people. Let’s investigate the prospects of undress AI tools.

The development of Deepnude service 

The first clothing removal apps that could change the appearance of people in photos began appearing in the 2010s. This year, generative adversarial networks became a central focus of research and development, possibly facilitating the creation of more complex and advanced image-processing techniques. But in 2019, a neural network called Deepnude appeared. The technology has gathered a lot of hype around itself. However, the demand for DeepNude was so high that the servers could not cope with the influx of traffic. Moreover, the hype pushed the creators to close the project. The software began to spread through backchannels, and, according to Sensity, DeepNude has long been found in expanded forms in open-source repositories and torrent sites.

Principles of operation

The program gave the best results when using photographs with more bare bodies. For example, when using a photo in a swimsuit, the algorithm realistically changed clothes to bare breasts. Following, experiments with male photographs showed that the neural network adds female sexual characteristics to them as well.

Whether for artistic expression, fashion design, or simply exploring the boundaries of visual aesthetics, Deepnude provides a flexible platform to push the boundaries of imagination. It is important to note that this app respects the principles of privacy and consent. The generated nude images are purely artistic representations and should not be used to violate people’s privacy or dignity. Responsible and ethical use of this technology is essential to ensuring its respectful and legal service.

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