How to choose the best VPN for Netflix


VPNs are now an essential part of safe surfing. Along with the development of the Internet and all the good opportunities that have come with it, the hackers and cyber attackers have also been doing their work and have developed many new ways of exploiting users and their data. 

Watching Netflix and other streaming services is an enjoyable past time to relax after a long day at work, but there are still measures to be taken to make sure that you are safe while doing so. 

This is where VPNs come in.

Making a shortlist

After entering Vpn per netflix in to your search engine online, you will no doubt be looking at a long list of results which are all telling you pretty much the same thing of being able to offer premium safety and security. On most ocassions this will be true, however taking your time to research the area properly will definitely be worth its weight in gold. 

A good place to start will be to select a handful of service providers who look like they are offering what you require. In the instance of looking for a good VPN provider for using Netflix with, you will be looking for a service with a good download and connection speed. This will make a huge difference to buffering.

Clues to look for

Once you have a small handful of different service providers the real work begins. There are many fake sites around waiting to trick you in to signing up so be careful with what you click.

The biggest clue to finding a fake site isn’t really a clue at all, more of a feeling. Do you ever get a gut feeling when something isn’t right? If you get that feeling on one of your chosen sites leave it as quickly as possible. It may not be obvious why you’re not sure about it. There could be some text not quite right, a picture may not ring true, it could be anything. Stay clear from anything like this.

Reviews. Customer reviews can either make or break a business. Many businesses are crafty by putting customer reviews on their sites with them saying what the rest of us want to hear. However, the reviews you need to be looking for are generally found elsewhere. Look for truthful reviews about the service on offer. Take note of any comments regarding customer services, realistic stats being delivered and any issues which have been experienced.

Download speeds

We’ve already mentioned this is important in combatting that annoying buffering that we often see. But it’s worth looking separately at this. Most services promote good speeds but do some comparison against your standard router. On some occasions, especially with the cheaper services, the download speed offered is actually slower than that of your router. This would of course hinder your experience rather than make it better. So it’s time to find a different VPN service provider. 

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