Are You Ready for Summer? Make These Three Changes to Enjoy the Season

The temperature is climbing. As you head out of the colder, winter months, it’s about time to consider whether you’re ready to enjoy the sunshine. Getting a healthy dose of vitamin D is definitely good for the body, and so too is allowing yourself and your family to have a good time. Consider enhancing your warmer months with the following three home renovations.

Add a Pool

Sometimes, you don’t want to be around major crowds, but you definitely want to cool off after a bit in the sun. Home pools, allow for this, giving you the option to remain close, splash in the water and visit with a few friends. In fact, it can serve multiple purposes. Dive in after a long afternoon at work or simply kick the kids out of the house without worrying so much about the intense heat. Take time to consider what you want and how you’ll use it. Then, you’ll have to ask about local permits and funding. Research places that specialize in pools pittsburgh area. They can often accommodate budget and needs.

Create a Play Zone

With school out, children of all ages are ready to let loose and simply have fun. The books are set aside, and it’s time to develop their coordination and social skills, both of which help later on in life and the classroom. Think about how old your kids are and then set out to select activities that enhance their needs and interests. Swing sets are versatile for all ages, often having slides, climbing walls and monkey bars. While swings are known to offer comfort, the walls and bars can increase body strength and balance. If loved ones are a bit older, look for sporting goods that are easy to set up and encourage practice. Soccer goals can be popped up quickly for little game. Bounce nets are available for football and baseball training.

Start a Garden

Add a bit of Zen to the yard by setting aside some land for growing your favorite flowers or goods. This can become something for everyone or a bit of individual peace. Add a fountain for some white noise, and create a spot to sit and read, preferably with a bit of shade and maybe a spray fan. This section should be off to the side and designed to sweep you away from the technology-driven world.

As the flowers begin to bloom and the trees regain their leaves, take some time to embrace the outdoors. A project or two may just make a few more memories and smiles.

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