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There are many movies for Telugu prajalu which have unique stories. These stories are mostly from different genres including love, action or drama. These movies are getting more reach of the present young generation. Browse Aha movies to watch these movies online in HD quality. But here is the movie NGK where you can stream the new theme with a new story.

Looking to watch the NGK movie online?

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The movie ‘NGK’ was directed by selvaraghavan and the movie has the best political based movie where you can stream the best movie.

Coming to the story, actor Suriya is known as Nandhagopalan, an educated person, but he likes to work in his farm. He also solves all his area youngsters problems. One fine day a problem occurred, and he went to the MLA to get the problem solved, but he didn’t get his problem solved. There he meets his friend who works under MLA, and he describes his problem then his friend solves it within 5 minutes there he gets to know how did he solve the problem. To know the actual story of the movie, stream the movie online at Aha for the best experiencing of the movie.

Artist performance

Actor Suriya played a huge role in the movie as he has shown how he should be a political leader and how to deal with politics in a smooth manner. Other cast members also supported the director to get the movie successful.

Technical aspects

The movie was directed in the village area and showed how the politics will be there in the village. Locations have been suited to perfection. BDM was attractive to get the movie attracted to the audience when they visualize the movie.


  1. The movie has the best politician movie where you are able to know the present political era.
  1. Songs are very well composed by the music director and also got a good name for his well composed songs.
  1. A different political story is shown in an attractive way and also highlights the characters wherever required.
  1. You are able to visualize how people are innocent in villages and how they easily trust politicians for their work to be done.

Cast and crew

Actor: Suriya

Actress: Sai Pallavi, Rakulpreetsingh

Other characters: Raj Kumar, Devaraj.

Director: Selvaraghavan

Producer: S.R. Prakash Babu.

Release date: 31st May 2019


The movie has the best concept of showing the political system in a detailed way and also highlighted how a leader should be to rule the country and get the public problems solved. Songs are very good and the music is also very melodious to listen to.


Overall you can stream the best ever political era movie in the form of NGK. You can know how our current political system works. NGK is the must watch movie for Telugu prajalu. Watch it at Aha movies.

Watch the ‘NGK’ Movie Online at Aha

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