If you are tired of dipping the same old traditional dip tobacco and want to leave the old habit behind while keeping the ritual alive, there are several brands working in the field of making artificial dips just so that you could enjoy the real feel of dip tobacco just without the original dip. If you want to buy dip tobacco online, here are some of the famous brands that are making fake dips that are pretty popular among people who are trying to find an alternative for dip tobacco.

Black Buffalo Dip

A smokeless tobacco alternative that delivers the same experience as traditional products, just without any tobacco leaf or stem – the taste, the texture, the rich dark color, and, yeah, the nicotine (made with food-safe ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine). The website claims that it is offering the closest thing you’ve ever seen to real dip. The website is currently offering significantly diverse flavors like Wintergreen, Mint, Straight, and Peach. The company boasts about its bold flavors and the nicotine tick, which you can really feel. Black Buffalo’s products are made for existing adult tobacco consumers who are at least 21-years-old.

Outlaw Dip

The outlaw dip is pretty popular among the dippers who have been using the product as an alternative. Currently, the website is offering three flavors of yellow blend dip, ramblin’ root beer dip, and wild watermelon dip. The website claims all the flavors to be original and stresses that while trying all of their flavors, a person feels like he is sipping cocktails on the beach. The company also boasts about its fat cuts, which are relatively easier to pick up. The product doesn’t contain tobacco.

BaccOff Dips

BaccOff has been in the market since the ’90s and the first choice of everyone who wants to quit their habit of excessive dipping. The company is offering more flavors that you can remember on your finger-tips. The tins of the product are old fashioned and classic, while the products are mostly herbal and caffeine-based. The company is offering its products in the form of pouches and tins while showing off its fine cuts and fully charged rough cuts to give you the experience that you truly desire.

Copenhagen Dips

The company is offering the best-selling premium products that are manufactured in the U.S.  It is the first choice of those individuals who have been in the dipping game for quite some time. It is being offered in the form of original fine cut and long cuts. The company didn’t shy from selling it in the form of pouches. It is available in the smooth wintergreen, natural extra, straight, mint, and southern blend flavors. 

According to Reddit users, all of the above-mentioned companies are offering what the dippers really like. Many users endorsed these brands as the best fake dips that are offering the real buzz that you feel while using the original dip. So here’s your chance to ditching the tobacco and keeping the ritual alive. 

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