How to Choose the Perfect Gas BBQ

When it comes time to select a gas barbecue, you’ll have a long list of possibilities from which to choose. There are several different features that gas barbecues come with and each one is aimed at a different type of cooking style and use case scenario.

To choose the perfect gas BBQ, you should ask yourself a few questions before you even start looking. One of the first things you should ask is how much space you have and where you intend to do most of your cooking. Then, consider how many people you will be cooking for. Those two questions alone will give you a pretty good idea about the size and form factor you are looking for. Or at least help you narrow down the list. 

Other questions that you should ask our how easy the gas grill will be to maintain, how much heat control you have while you cook, and how quickly the grill heats up.

Finally, before you even look at the options available, you should decide on a price range that you are comfortable with. As with all great things, gas BBQ’s are available in tiers, ranging from budget options to top-of-the-line models that would likely be the envy of your neighbors. Each price bracket has fantastic models within it that would likely suit your needs perfectly, so by figuring out how much you are willing to pay for your gas BBQ, or barbecue a gas as they say in Italy, you automatically limit the choices into a very manageable list.

Here is a short list of considerations to help you decide:

Depending on the type of food you plan on cooking on your gas grill, the BTU rating can be a crucial deciding factor. The BTU number should be listed in the product information of whatever gas-powered grill you are looking at and it is a number that describes how hot the grill can get. As a general rule, a good grill should have a rating of over 100 BTU for every square inch of cooking space available.

Also consider how much cooking space you will need. If you regularly cook for a handful of people, you can easily get away with a smaller gas grill without making any unnecessary sacrifices. If you plan on having barbecue get-togethers or you like to cook for more than five people at the time, having enough space can make a world of difference in how enjoyable the experience ends up being. Again, as a general rule, look for grills with a large enough cooking surface to provide everyone with their first round of food nearly the same time.

Grill surface type and how well the cooking area distributes heat is also an important factor to look into. While the cooking surface material is easy to find on the product description, information on how well that surface actually does its job is best found in online reviews of the product. The best surface materials to look out for are stainless steel burners and cast-iron burners, with the former being preferred. 

Final thoughts

Selecting the perfect gas grill does not have to be a difficult experience. With your budget firmly in mind, it should be an easy task to narrow down available grill types based on size, form factor, convenience, usability, and build quality. Once you create a short list of gas BBQs that tick all the right boxes, making a final choice usually comes down to a matter of taste. 

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