Run Your iPhone Smoothly by Following These Maintenance Tips

Do you want to know how you can keep your iPhone with you till the end of time?

To learn how to maintain an iPhone, you do not have to be an Apple Genius. You can extend the life of your phone and maintain its performance good if you follow basic maintenance suggestions. Your iPhone will not endure indefinitely, but it can certainly outlast your expectations.

Firstly, get a proper case, which is a more physical method of protecting your phone. A basic case might help protect you from injuries caused by falls and other mishaps. A waterproof or shockproof case might be useful if you want an extra degree of protection. 

You can get a screen protector for the screen itself. Your phone will be protected from scratches and breakage because of this. You may simply change the screen protector if it becomes damaged over time (rather than preferring for expensive screen repairs).

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Continue reading for some essential iPhone maintenance advice you can use right now!

  • Clean the charging port

Take care of your charging port and ensure you do not damage the contact points. 

  • Clean the microphone and speaker

Failure to clean your microphone and speaker can affect your call quality and music playback.

  • Clean the phone

You must give your device a little bit of a polish regularly for better looks and performance.

  • Clean the headphone jack

You must regularly clean it out to prevent any build-up of accumulated dust and fluff.

  • Manage the iPhone battery

You must recalibrate your battery after a certain period. Also, regularly charge and discharge.

  • Create more storage Space for iPhone

Your storage will fill up quickly, and hence you need to create more space so that it functions well.

  • Back up your data

There are 2 primary ways of backing up iOS by using iTunes or iCloud. Also, you can use a certain third-party option.

  • Restart your phone

Rebooting your iPhone is always beneficial and should be done more often.

  • Update your apps

Updated apps will bring new features, much better security, and offer a more stable experience.

  • Check app settings

Occasionally, you should run through your menus to ensure that all the apps are still properly set up.

  • Charge your phone!

Keeping your phone within a certain middle charging level range will help keep your battery healthy.

  • Close any apps that you are not using

It is better to close the apps that are not in use.

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