Deep Learning vs Machine Learning vs Artificial Intelligence vs Data Science Course in Hyderabad

There is a huge confusion

There is a big confusion around what is the difference between Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning and Data Science. Most of these areas are still maturing and so the boundaries and definitions are not very clear. What adds to the confusion is the media hype who also use these terms interchangeably. Artificial intelligence is about enabling computers to think. There have been various stages of Artificial Intelligence since the early 1950s. So the rule based Artificial Intelligence taught in colleges is the old school. That definition is almost not being used nowadays except in limited cases. Artificial Intelligence is a very broad area today. Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is about statistical tools to learn from data. Deep learning is a much more recent area which has taken shape since 2006 and is a subset of machine learning. Deep learning is all about using something called a multi-layer neural network. So, today when people speak of Artificial Intelligence, the way big companies like Google are using them, they are actually talking about Deep Learning.

What is involvedĀ  in Data Science?

Most of the advances in Artificial Intelligence over the last 10 years have been happening in this subset called Deep Learning. Data science training in Hyderabad is a completely different area that intersects some part of machine learning. So Data science has some overlaps with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, not so much as with Deep learning. But Data Science also has other areas. Data Science is about understanding or making sense of data. Visualizing data is a very important part of data science. There are some fundamental mathematical tools that apply to all of these. There are tools in probability, there are tools in statistics, there are tools in linear algebra and matrix algebra, there are tools in numerical optimization, etc. They also involve computer programming.

What should a Data Science good course cover?

A good course on data science will cover some part of deep learning, a substantial part of machine learning and data science aspects. The definitions are so blurred that some people may call it machine learning, while some may sell you the course saying it is data science. So, when pick a course, make sure it covers at least the most fundamental aspects of all four and also covers the tools, both mathematical and computational, to a good extent. You will never be able to find a course that covers all four in entirety as some areas are changing very fast and it is too much to cover in the time frames most courses are confined in. Make sure you are trained in the areas that are most used in the industry from all the four areas. It is not worth your while to get into areas that are not used much, you should rather focus on areas that are most widely used. IT is impossible to cover everything, even in a 5 year PhD level program.


We hope you are now better equipped to make a choice of your course and if you are in, here is a data science course in Hyderabad you can consider taking.

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